The Living Goddess Podcast

Awakening Women Founder and Goddess Keeper, Chameli Gad Ardagh invites us to listen deeper, awaken senses below the senses; perceive the ordinary, and messy with mystic eyes so you can remember the knowing behind all knowing: that your life is sacred.

Through Goddess mythology, wisdom teachings, and intimate sharings from her daily practice and contemplations. Chameli illuminates the Shakti Keys stitched into the fabric of our daily lives and inspires us to reclaim a pulsating intimacy with Source and revive our spiritual lineage rooted in the Living Goddess

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Episode 15: The Path of Devotion and Love

Chameli speaks about her experience meeting Parvathy Baul, a master practitioner on the path of devotional song. You will hear the story about the epic love affair between Radha and Krishna, and how surrender and devotion can be portals to divine union. Chameli also speaks on the hesitation and wounding we carry around spiritual devotion, how the purity of our longing and devotion have been taken advantage of and misused, and on the importance of reclaiming devotion as a portal to a sovereignty that we don’t have to cling to, or make up, but that naturally arises once we surrender.

Episode 14: Nurturing my seat of spiritual practice

Chameli speaks about her daily practice, and how to create a relationship of mutual support with our seat of practice. She shares about Adhara Shakti, the goddess that is the frequency of support, taking so many forms in our lives. She also shares about the Three Mother Goddess practice that takes embodied spirituality from a nice sounding concept, into an actualized and lived way of life, a practice that has been one of the most life-changing Shakti Keys for her and the many women she has shared it with, on this wild and holy path of embodying Source.

Episode 13: Dharma: The unique thread of you in the vast tapestry of life

Chameli speaks about dharma, life purpose, how we can get confused in comparison and in looking outside ourselves for “how to be”, plus how the path of dharma invites us into the vulnerability and risk of being ourselves. She also shares about her own dharma journey and commitment to live in intimacy with Goddess.

{BONUS EPISODE} Goddess Summer Ashram in Corfu
In this bonus episode of Living Goddess, Chameli shares information about the 18th annual Summer Ashram Retreat that she hosts in Greece. She shares the focus and mythology for each week, about the practices of dance, chanting, embodied mythology, and temple touch..

For more information about the Goddess Summer Ashram

Episode 12: Sacred Structure ~ Vishnu

Today we call upon Vishnu, the Hindu God, and consort to Lakshmi the Goddess of Abundance. It may be easy to say yes to the beautiful and abundant flow of Lakshmi, but as many of us have overdosed on the suffocating structures of the patriarchy, we often resist creating the sacred structures needed for the qualities of Lakshmi to truly flourish in our life. Inviting the noble integrity and loving commitment of Vishnu into our lives can help us reframe our associations of structure as limitations, and instead recognize it as love in action.

Episode 11: Into the Heart of Abundance
Today we call upon the Lakshmi, the hindu Goddess of Abundance. Chameli shares about the four arms of the Goddess, and how they give us a powerful map for a spirituality that is balanced and embodied, and ultimately leads us into heart of abundance.

Episode 10: May you have wind in your sails!
As she is preparing for a pilgrimage, Chameli reflects on the Buddhist terms Windhorse and Drip, and on how clearing clutter and being in integrity with your hearts wisdom, not only creates more flow, ease, and abundance in your life but ultimately brings you into union with your deepest self.

Episode 9: Create a New Year rooted in Wisdom ~ The Norn Goddesses
The three giant goddesses, the Norns, from Norse mythology guide us in co- creating with Living Goddess. Through the practice of presence we can root our visions and desires in the original instructions, so that the future can unfold from wisdom instead of being a carrot on a stick that keeps us leaning out of the intimacy with the goddess, and into an endless chase of never-yet-there.

Episode 8: Retrieving my baby dolphin self: The journey ~ Part 2
Chameli continues the exploration of the journey home to our essential nature, by sharing a story from Norse mythology about the Goddess hidden behind the armor of forgetfulness and the journey to wake her and unite with her wisdom. We will explore the importance of cultivating and guarding intuition, the willingness to face the unwanted parts of ourselves, and to risk coming into an ‘isness’ with ourselves and the world, so that we can retrieve our roots in wisdom and creative life force energy.

Episode 7: Retrieving my baby dolphin self: Freedom from people pleasing ~ Part 1
Chameli tells the story about the grieving Buddha and how two potent goddesses of love and protection came into form through his broken heart. In this myth we find potent guidance on how to stay with our hearts open and take enlightened action when faced with the horrendous suffering in the world.

Episode 6: The medicine of a broken heart
Chameli tells the story about the grieving Buddha and how two potent goddesses of love and protection came into form through his broken heart. In this myth we find potent guidance on how to stay with our hearts open and take enlightened action when faced with the horrendous suffering in the world.

Episode 5: What are you here to guard?
Chameli tells the story of the great Indian Goddess Durga and illuminates keys for how we can stay rooted in a place of peace and clarity while engaging in a world so full of suffering, war, and division. Durga mirrors to us a power within us that arises out of a fierce commitment to love, a power that unifies instead of divides us.

Episode 4: The light that never dies
Chameli explores how Hestia from Greek mythology and Gunnveig from Norse mythology both guide us home to the light within that never dies; the hearth, our home, our source. She also shares about the challenges and gifts from her practice with the circle, and how the circle itself is a wisdom keeper we all can receive guidance and enlightenment from.

Episode 3: Attachment sets you free

Episode 3: Attachment sets you free

Continuing the exploration of the Gaia/Uranus myth, Chameli speaks about how creating a secure attachment to body, earth and Goddess will liberate us, instead of entrapping us as we have been told for thousands of years. As most patriarchal religions and spiritual paths are Uranus-centered we may be looking at basic avoidance or insecure attachment styles playing themselves out.

Episode 2: Healing the wound of separation
No matter how shiny and bright our spirituality feels, if it is dependent on us pushing parts of ourselves down into the basement, our experience of ourselves and Goddess will be partial, and we will cheat ourselves of the peace and belonging in her wholeness. In the myth about Gaia and Uranus, we learn about the root and pain of such fragmentation, and Chameli also shares a turning point in her path when she was forced to become brutally honest with herself about how these dynamics plaid out in her life, and what it would take to come into integrity with her deeper knowing.

Episode 1: Receptivity and the Goddess path
In the premiere of the Living Goddess podcast, Chameli brings the oftentimes lofty ideas of Goddess, into a felt intimacy that is made possible when we stay close in, receptive, and explore the very first step that is before us. The story about VasaLisa and the doll in her pocket points us to a place many of us encounter in our inner journey where we cannot any longer “do it”, and that through the practice of receptivity, this place becomes a potent portal for grace and love to take the steering wheel.