Living Goddess Sadhana ~ Retreat 2

1:16 Welcome + Opening
8:17 Practice with Melina
27:07 Dharma talk with Chameli
1:17:24 Q&A
1:39:50 Closing

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Opening: RAV Smooth Relaxing Journey by Calm Whale
Sri Akaal by Alexia Chellun

Notes from the retreat:

Explanation of the Norse names:
Hel: The Great Origin Goddess. Later in Norse mythology she became the Goddess of Death, and in Christianity she became Hell. Hel is a nordic word used to this day, meaning both healing and whole, and in different variations meaning holy [hellig] and health [helse]. In pre-nordic language it also meant mountain [Helleberget].

Volundskved: a poem within the Poetic Edda. (Be aware that most translations and commentaries are from the patriarchal perspective.)

Valkyries: The Great Goddess personified as fierce guardians, servants of Hel (later was described as a gruesome, blood thirsty group of war deities). The tree swan-beings are probably part of the Valkyries. Perhaps they are even the three Norns themselves; it says in the story that they were spinning the finest linen threads.

Hlad Gudr: Sacred space

Aulrun: Sacred Symbols. She is the keeper of the runes (sacred symbols/the alphabet of the Goddess used to create our destiny.)

Alvitr: Universal wisdom, clear seeing.