The Women’s Wisdom School Presents


Ancient Goddess Codes

    embodying the luminous wisdom
of the Dasha MahaVidyas


August 8 – September 18

Goddess (life) doesn’t always look the way we think She should. We prefer Her all dolled up in glitter, mala beads, and halo, but here She is, in Her naked is-ness—wrinkles, sagginess, fangs, fluids and all.

We could easily make our lives and spiritual practice about escaping the ache, the longing, the flesh, the paradox, the dirt and the tenderness, insisting the divine is found in an elusive purity far away from the mess of life.

We could stay busy judging and fighting the unattractive and challenging ways the Goddess sometimes appears, determined to squeeze Her/our untamable nature into our slimmed down, niced up, digestible, sterile, one dimensional definitions of the Holy.

We could live our precious lives entangled in the surface, thinking that we can find truth inside the draining drama of division, missing entirely the luminous essence underlying ALL Her forms; a shimmering web throbbing with wisdom, a deep knowing that unites us, heals us, that retrieves us from the nightmare of forgetfulness; our birthright, our Mother, our home.

We could so easily spend these few fleeting moments given to us waiting for something else, but here is the secret within the secret: there is nothing else. There is only Her.



In this immersion we will practice with five Goddesses from the group of Devis in India called the Dasha MahaVidyas or Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses: Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Chinnamasta and Kamala (learn more about each as you scroll down this page).

Each in their unique way, these powerful tantric goddesses will awaken within you the multidimensional nature of Divine Feminine Wisdom; although lavishly diverse in appearance and transmission, they are ultimately all different aspects of One energy.

When practicing with them as a group you learn to recognize in a profound way the multifaceted ways Goddess shows up, as your life.

As you stumble and get entangled, as you rise and as you blossom, you begin to realize that each flavor of the Goddess—both the sticky foggy realms as well as Her luminosity—carry wisdom codes that open doors into a greater intimacy with this devastating, splendorous weaving that is our world.

Artist: Avinab Mukherjee

Artist: Avinab Mukherjee

In this immersion we will practice with the five first Goddesses, Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhairavi and Bhuvaneshvari, in the group of Devi’s from India called the Dasha MahaVidyas; Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses

Each in their unique ways, these powerful tantric goddesses, will awaken within you the multidimensional nature of Divine Feminine Wisdom; although lavishly diverse in appearance and transmission, they are ultimately all different aspects of One energy.

When practicing with them as a group you begin to recognize in a profound way the multifaceted ways Goddess shows up, as your life.

As you stumble and get entangled, as you rise and as you blossom, you begin to realize that each flavor of the Goddess—both the sticky foggy realms as well as Her luminosity—carry wisdom codes that open doors into a greater intimacy with this devastating, splendorous weaving that is our world.

Once you see through the many disguises and forms of Goddess and realize Her true nature as One—that the habitual patterns that bind you are made of the same fabric as that which liberates—you unlock a force of awakening within you that disentangles you from the draining drama of division, and realigns you with the union that pulsates at the root of your Being.

In the Goddess path we don’t view transcended awakening as an end goal or seat of superiority, but as the very source of an embodied life lived rooted in spirit. As modern day mystics we walk with one foot in both worlds, awake to spiritual transcendence simultaneously as we learn to creatively and gracefully navigate this cosmic dream of life.

The doors to the world of the wild Self
are few but precious.
If you have a deep scar, that is a door,
if you have an old, old story, that is a door.
If you love the sky and the water so much
you almost cannot bear it, that is a door.
If you yearn for a deeper life,
a full life, a sane life, that is a door.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Mythology

The myth of the Dasha MahaVidyas (Ten Wisdom Goddesses) begins with Goddess Sati and Lord Shiva having a heated argument.

Sati got so furious that she shapeshifted into a fierce and frightening embodiment of shakti, Goddess Kali.

Shiva was terrified, but when he tried to escape the Goddess, she multiplied into many forms—some of them frightening; others sweet and pleasant.

Wherever he turned he was confronted with yet another face; there was no escaping her.

Finally, after many pointless attempts to reject and avoid her, Shiva realized that the only way to freedom was through her.

Not only through her pretty forms—but through the very form that appeared in front of him in each moment.

The moment he surrendered to her, he was free.


Our Goddess Guides

Dhumavati ~ The Goddess of regrets, bitterness, loss, aging, loneliness. She is all that we push away and look upon as mistakes. She is fog, smoke; the one who hides some things so others can be illuminated.

Bagalamukhi ~ The great paralyzer: she paralyzes the demon’s tongue with her club and with sound. She catapults us out of never-ending thought loops and brings us into the luminous wisdom of our presence.

Matangi ~ She is an earthy sister of Saraswati: Goddess of song, music, words, poetry, art. A dark green Goddess, She lives in the forest on the edge of society, beautiful, free and wild.

Chinnamasta ~ She teaches us to draw spiritual nourishment from within ourselves, and how to find the balance of giving and receiving. She is pictured holding her chopped off head, whose blood stream feeds herself and her two Yogini sisters. 

Kamala ~ The lotus Goddess is an aspect of Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance. Voluptuous and beautiful she embodies material beauty permeated with Shree.  She is sensuality, pleasure, relationship, money, home and liberation. She shows us that we need our roots in order to fully blossom spiritually.

“I am always loving the Awakening Women immersions and they are such a sweet part of my spiritual life. Appreciating dear Chameli with her direct line to all Goddesses. The storytelling is so wonderful—it fills my heart with gratitude.

If it is your wish to be an instrument of peace, to heal wounds that are maybe still inside of you, or just be a relaxed woman, it may be time to free it all and get guidance from the wonderful teachers of Awakening Women and the Goddesses.”

Danielle van ‘t Schip

“I was truly inspired by the beautiful compilation of contents, how they were sequenced and ushered in every week. The format, the Q&A sessions and the Village classes were all highlights for me and I find them all unique and they are never quite the same from one Immersion to another. The cherry on the cake for me is Chameli as her teachings and storytelling at the beginning of each week are what I enjoy the most, as well as her guided meditations.”

Catherine Lenoir

How it works



: :  A few days before we begin you will get access to the Wisdom School and Village. This is our own private community and learning hub where you will have all the lessons conveniently organized in one place. It is also a place to share and receive support from other sisters practicing with you.  

: :  Each Monday we will meet for a live gathering on Zoom, exploring mythology, mantra and practices with one of the MahaVidyas. We will send you a reminder email on the Sunday before each class.

: :  On Thursdays we will alternate between a Q&A gathering with Chameli, and Sister Circle gatherings in small breakout groups.

: :  We will do our best to accommodate different time zones, but if you cannot make it live, all classes, except the Sister Circle gatherings, will be recorded so that you can participate at a time that works for you.

: :   You will also have access to an abundant library of shakti practices and meditations, as well as the weekly classes happening in the Village (movement, chanting, anti-racism, meditation and more).

Yes, I am in!

Your Guide

Chameli Gad Ardagh

Chameli is a wisdom keeper in the Lineage of the Living Goddess. She has been immersed in spiritual studies since 1991, in India and in yogini circles all over the world. Through her passion for Goddess mythology, ancient wisdom teachings and the revival of the Goddess lineage, Chameli has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and feminine leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional, embodied spirituality, and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for decoding ancient mythology to retrieve the original instructions of how we can live a life of dignity, joy, courage and compassion and how we can embody the luminous wisdom of the Goddess.

Yes, I am in!

“Inviting the Goddess path into my life on a deeper level was a gift during this time on the planet. Step into this well of wisdom if you desire a safe container overflowing with connection, introspection and spaciousness. Awakening Women Immersions combine stillness, storytelling, movement, meditation, and deep sharing ~ all with my sisters from around the world. There is so much for you here.”

Shann Vander Leek

About the Living Goddess Path

Goddess Mythology ~ Our path and lineage is rooted in the Goddess, and we enter our practices and direct relationship with Her through breath, mantra, movement, presence, body, as well as through the universal maps found in Goddess mythology and sacred texts from all over the world.

Embodied and Earth Based ~ We cannot fully engage with Goddess wisdom by only reading about it; we awaken and experience her wisdom through living it. Relating to Earth as alive and intelligent, we practice aligning our bodies with Her consciousness, remembering we are made of Her.

Although we spend time in silence, contemplation and meditation, many of the practices we do are dynamic and interactive, incorporating expression, movement, and respectful touch.

Ritual ~ We enter the timeless portal of ceremony and ritual to invoke and honor accumulated wisdom gathered since the beginning of time. We regularly perform rituals of worship, initiation, rites of passage, and rituals for blessing and healing.

Devotion ~ The Goddess path is a devotional, non-dual path; the Goddess is viewed as the wholeness of totality, never separate from or outside us—yet relating to Her with reverence and devotion expands and aligns our consciousness, awakening us from the limited soap opera we usually take ourselves to be. We sing mantras, we dance and we pray as direct portals into the vast freedom of the heart.

Presence ~ All our practices lead us back to our own presence, a source of energy and love always available. Through silence, subtle body awakening, meditation and rest, we cultivate the capacity to stay rooted in the spaciousness of presence, to stay awake and creatively responsive in our lives.

Inclusivity ~ In our practice we retrieve the exiled parts of ourselves and Earth, restoring a spirituality of wholeness and aligning our daily lives, words and actions with Her totality. Our practices are portals of spiritual awakening where we root in a sense of Self that is vast, eternal and not defined by gender. Yet our path is also one of embodiment. Although we are specifically trained in exploring how universal consciousness expresses itself through the female body, all who identify as women, genderqueer and non-binary of all colors, ages, abilities, backgrounds and sexual orientation are welcome to practice with us. If you have any questions or concerns about if this a safe space for you please reach out to us.

“The immersion reached me on so many levels. I became aware that I am totally in love with Her and with being a woman. This reality—the divine feminine field of the goddess—was not alive in my consciousness before. It was such an intense awakening and deepening…of relating, of understanding, of merging with the presence of Her in my body, heart and soul.”


Yes, I am in!

Photo Credits: Bibbie Friman, Jewel Afflerbaugh, Christina Sedlmaier, Anita Wiger, Claudia Seifert, Corinne Conrad Kalder and altar images from the Yogini Circle.