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Making Love with Life ~ A Feminine Practice For You

yogini devotion

Notice how your breath enters the body.

Begin by noticing the breath coming in through your mouth or nose and going deeper inside of you.

Rest your awareness in the sensation of the breath. With each breath you relax your body a little bit more and allow the breath to enter you a little bit deeper.

Begin to relax your body and unwind yourself.
Relax your solar plexus.
Relax your belly allowing the breath to go deeper.
Let your breath go all the way down to your pelvis, filling you, massaging you from the inside.

Feel the breath as you would feel a lover.

Feel how the breath is taking care of you,
how the breath is nourishing you,
how the breath is touching you,
how the breath is giving you pleasure.

Make love with the breath.
The breath is your most loyal lover, always there and ever present.

As you adjust to this love making with your breath,
expand your awareness to include your other senses.
Receive the colors, shapes, shadows, sounds, and smells through your skin.
Begin to make love with your awareness of everything.

Feel how this process rejuvenates you,
how it allows you to communicate with all the life around you.

Happy Sensual Holiday,


This practice is from the class: Awakening Your Sensuality, available in MP3


Photo: Bibbie Friman