Mantras and Sacred Texts

Guest post by Esther Greter

For many years, I have been in love with mantras and sacred texts as a way of tuning into a deeper wisdom and greater awareness.

Whenever I get overwhelmed with life or I feel stuck with an issue in my life (e.g. my thoughts circling around the same problem all day long) I come back to the mantras and sacred texts. It is astonishing how quickly a problem can shift and the mind can relax when I am re-aligned with this deeper wisdom.

As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

I usually connect with mantras and sacred text during my morning meditation. I sit in front of the sacred space I have created in my bedroom for a few minutes and begin with a little “mind and subconsciousness alignment”.  

First, I remember my goals and intentions (What am I here for? Who am I serving? What is my mission?) and align my thoughts and my entire being with them. I imagine my goals have already manifested and feel them in my entire being. Then I dive deeper. One of the prayers I say is the Yogini Prayer we received in the Yogini Winter Ashram with Chameli Ardagh in India. This reminds me of the power of the women’s circle and the Yogini Initiation I have taken with Chameli.

After that, I sing a mantra or read a few lines in a sacred text or poem. My favorites are “Spandakarika”, “Vijnana Bhairava Tantra” or “Love Poems from God”. This brings me in resonance with a different level of consciousness. And it doesn’t even matter If I intellectually understand it fully or not, just reading or singing a few lines brings me into a deep state of calmness and clarity.


  • Find a sacred text, poem or mantra you like.

  • Sing or read for a few minutes without interruption.

  • Close your eyes and sit still. Tune into the energy of your mantra or text.
  • Do you feel the effect of this practice? Can you feel it in your body? Did your thoughts change? Just observe without judgement.
  • I warmly recommend doing this as a morning practice, but you can also turn to this simple practice throughout your day when your mind is spinning, your mood is going down or you feel a longing to connect deeper with yourself and life.

Esther is a Transformational Coach/Facilitator/Leader, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Social Anthropologist who has dedicated her life to spiritual awakening and social change. She empowers smart, visionary women to step into their full potential in order to unlock their true beauty and brilliance and live a happy and fulfilled life. Based in Bern, Switzerland, Esther offers her services locally and around the world. She teaches Yoga, Women’s Circles and Workshops and offers private Coaching Sessions in German and English.

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