Maya Mantra ~ Hreem (audio)

The mantra HREEM is Maya’s seed mantra. Each letter represents different stages of manifestation, from the formless to the subtle to the physical, and all these stages together are the Goddess.

When chanting the mantra, let your voice be soft, creating a humming vibration throughout your body. Experiment with different tempo and volume to find what brings it most alive in you. It can also be powerful to chant the mantra silently.

While chanting, you will guide the sound of the mantra into different regions of your physical and energetic body. Energy goes where your focus goes. Sit with your upper body erect; use as much support as you need.

Let your spine be soft and flexible, allowing for any swaying, shaking, or other movements that your body might want to do. These movements are simply signs that your system is stretching and adjusting for more Shakti—vital life force—to flow through. Breathe and allow.

Guided by: Chameli Ardagh

:: Practice ~ Hreem Inner Yoga

In this practice, you will be invited to place the mantra HREEM inside the pelvis, heart and head, and to ride on the vibrations into the body, into the subtle vibration of self-awareness inside the body, and even deeper; into the Field of Consciousness permeating all.

Find a comfortable position, and settle your awareness inside.

We begin chanting HREEM 3 times long, and then 108 times short.

After that you will continue chanting the mantra in your own way while you will be guided through the practice.


:: Practice ~ Hreem Mantra (short)

We will chant HREEM three times in the heart,
solar plexus,
pelvis, pelvic floor
and inside earth (silent).
Then up again to pelvic floor, pelvis, solar plexus, heart.
Further up to the throat,
third eye, top of the head,
above your head 5 cm/ 2 inches (silent).
Then down again to top of the head, third eye, throat
and come to a rest again in the heart.

When you have learned the mantra and become familiar with the circuit, you can do this practice at anytime during your day to come back into alignment. It works even when it is chanted silently.