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    Before you fill in the whole form, let’s go over a few topics that will clarify some things right away.
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    In order for us to best use our time and resources, and to serve in the most optimum way, we ask that all prospective interview collaborations have a minimum of 5,000 opted-in + active subscribers on their own list.

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    We cannot commit to sending solo e-mails. Although we will, of course, make sure our community knows about the event. We have a sacred and long term relationship with our community and will communicate with them in the way we know works best.

    Do you require the guest speaker to send out solo email(s) about the event?

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  • Diversity

    We believe monoculture is detrimental to us all, and we are committed to cultivate and promote diversity. If your event has several guest teachers, we hope that you have put together a diverse group so that we can all benefit from different perspectives. If your teacher line-up displays monoculture, we will most likely not participate.
  • Preparation Process

    If we agree to accept your invitation, we will provide you with a bio, photo and other information from our media kit. Chameli will not be available for pre-calls, or to submit additional written copy for the interview. It is also helpful for you to offer a few suggestions for interview topics and titles that will fit with the focus of your offering. Thank you!
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