Medusa Sadhana ~ Retreat 1

Time stamps:
0:00 Welcome + Opening
4:35 Practice with Melina
16:47 Dharma talk with Chameli
1:09:07 Q & A


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Opening: Calm Whale by RAV Smooth Relaxing Journey
Practice: Unlocking the Doors of Eternity by Ape Chimba
Closing: Haseya by Ajeet (feat. Peia)

Notes from the retreat:
:: Medusa’s Parents: Sea Gods Phorcys and Ceto
:: Medusa’s sisters: Sthenno and Euryale (Gorgons)
:: Athena (Pallas Athena): Goddess of Wisdom, handicrafts (weaving, spinning pottery) and war
:: Poseidon: God of the Ocean
:: Medusa’s children: Pegasus (winged horse) and Chrysaor (giant with golden sword)
:: Perseus: Kills Medusa. Son of Zeus and Danaë
:: Book by Girl God Books: Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom