Inner Yoga Shakti Meditation

This is a live recording from our Yogini Gathering in Greece. There is some background noise
and you may have to turn up the volume. For the best listening experience, use head phones.

For the first 27 minutes Chameli will guide you into the pelvis and further into Inner Yoga practice.
This practice will open the energy channels in your body so that more life energy can flow through you.

At the end we sing the Gayatri Mantra, a prayer for the awakening of the world,
followed by the Loving Kindness Prayer 4 times:
Pray it first for yourself,
then for someone you love,
then someone you feel separation from,
and complete with praying for the whole world.


Meditation Outline

If you want to do the meditation without listening to the recording,
you can spend a few days exploring the first inner mudra* before you move on to the next.

*The word “mudra” means gesture, most often used to describe sacred hand gestures.
Here we use the word to describe
an “inner gesture”, an inner disposition.


Inner Mudra of Receptivity ~ Pelvic Peony Opening

Follow the breath down into the pelvis. Feel this area from the inside.
Feel the pelvis as a big fluffy peony flower bud opening,
each petal is an area of your pelvis softening.

(5-10 min)

Inner Mudra of Compassion ~ Heart Lotus Opening

Visualize a seed of light in the womb area and with your focus guide the seed up through the center of the body,
into the chest, into the heart center. The seed blossoms open in all directions extending compassion into the world.
Let compassion rain like nectar into the pelvis.

(5 min)

Inner Mudra of Wisdom ~ Wisdom Center Opening

Let the seed of light rise to the center of the brain, where it blossoms open in all directions.
This is the center of clear seeing and wisdom. Expand into the clarity and spaciousness.
Let these qualities of wisdom and clear seeing rain down into the heart and pelvis.

(5 min)

Merging with the Unified Field

Merge with the field of consciousness which is permeating the brain, heart and pelvis, allowing you
to be inside all of the body at the same time. Recognize how this field is also permeating your surroundings.

(3 min)

Enter the Bindu
As if the womb is a magnet, let all your awareness be drawn into the womb (or womb area if you don’t have a womb).
All the energy gathers into a tiny seed, the bindu, follow with your awareness into the inside of the inside of this moment.

Rest in Silence.




Seventy-two thousand channels
Threading through five sheaths (senses)
here the One makes her home
The wise one see it
as the temple of the Goddess
~ Hevajra Tantra