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Move into the world with power and connection

n695920388_5971860_1051Allow your love and presence to move into the world with power and connection. Kathlyn Hendricks

Last weekend I had the honor to spend time with one of my mentors and shining role-model of Feminine leadership, Kathlyn Hendricks. Many of you know her from being one of the world experts on relationship and co-author of Conscious Loving (a must read). She is also an expert in whole body/whole brain transformation and when you meet her you can see why. Kathlyn moves into each moment and interaction with her whole body and being,  and one can feel how she is truly authentic in her words and expressions.

Kathlyn is not a super human, she is simply a woman who lives her teaching, she is the fruit of her own practice.This means that we can all show up like that, not by copying her, but by being you, and being  me, authentic and in integrity.

Integrity opens for a radical simplicity. It washes away all games and strategic manipulation, and leaves us  with the stark naked, radiant truth.

Integrity is to be guided by deeper values than fleeting feelings of fear and greed. It is to speak the truth of your experience without layers of cause and effect. It is to keep agreements and to only make those you attend to keep.

One of the most powerful ways of integrity that Kathlyn has taught me, is to move from blame to wonder.

Blame narrows down your mind and heart, you become rigid and tense. Wonder opens, softens and energizes you.

Move from blame to wonder – practice

Next time you notice that you have a feeling that is followed with a thought of changing or blaming another person or a circumstance, try this:

Direct you attention to your own body

Notice and locate the feeling as a sensation in the body. Move and breathe to give it space. Welcome it. Be with it with curiosity.

Now move your attention again to the person or situation that you were blaming, approach it with curiosity, with wonder. This is how life shows up right now, how interesting.

Notice how you feel now in your body.

Wonder allows you to stay present, to move into the experience instead of away from it.

The Awakening Women Way is not about lofty abstract concepts, we are called to show up, heart centered and real.

I am so happy that we can do it together

in clarity