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You don’t have to do it alone!

The truth is that this moment now has the potential to be the deepest experience of truth and love and awakening. Ever. Only one breath away (not even). You know this already in your heart of hearts.


There are habits of fear, of resistance, of vanity, of stubbornness, of rigid identification with being small and separate. We both know that it is one thing to have an experience of bliss and a whole other story to LIVE awake, inspired, connected (no, not in a conceptual-fluffy-nice-sounding-words way, but in an embodied real way).

To bridge the gap between our heart’s intuition and our actual day-to-day living, we need:

practice (= cultivation, presence, wild, awakening, in-the-body, alive, embracing, silent, doable…the feminine way)


support (= someone who tickles you, shakes you, stretches you, holds you. Someone who sees you, challenges you, worships you, who wakes you up)

Practice and community. This is our passion and this is what Awakening Women is all about.

Here’s  how you can claim your place in the timeless Yogini* Circle

* Yogini = feminine spiritual practitioner

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