Luxurious Oil Self Massage

Guest post by Aparna Ishvari 


One of the oldest rituals of self-care in Ayurveda is the “abhyanga” or oil self-massage. Taking time each day or a few days a week for self-love, in-depth lubrication and self-nurturance through warm herbal oils massaged into the body has tremendous benefits for circulation, hormonal balance, stress relief and adds a beautiful glow to your skin. Many experience a deep calm and grounding after this simple ritual.


  • Anointing: Heat about 1-2 oz of oil (sesame, coconut, sunflower or olive oil, or herbal oils) to a temperature several degrees above body temperature and apply to the entire body before you shower. The best way to massage yourself with this oil is to use long strokes on arms and legs, and circular motions on the chest, belly and joints (including wrists).
  • Taking a hot bath after anointing yourself allows for the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues. If not, be sure to take a hot shower afterward. Below is a short video showing how to do the Oil Self Massage:



​Aparna’s path is to guide women to release all that is hindering the embodiment of joy and divinity from within. A yogini, classical Indian dancer and mother of two, Aparna is also the creator of Ishvari, an Ayurvedic skincare line that uses only pure organic Ayurvedic herbs and ancient Ayurvedic preparation techniques.

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Photo Credit: Aparna Ishvari Website