One Minute Check In

Guest post by Tanya Morris

My naturally optimistic mind wants to say YES to what life offers, and I have spent much of my life chasing every opportunity given to me. But getting cancer young, as well as becoming a mother, were huge turning points for me. I found myself less and less interested in all the seductive stuff happening “out there”, and my life began to orient towards what truly mattered to me. 

Landing into the all-consuming and deeply meaningful role of motherhood, I was shocked to realize just how much of my energy was being spent in ways that were not aligned with what was important to me. One of my best friends said to me one day as we were driving to our Self-Marriage commitment ceremony, “Yes, I hear you. I did the same thing. You’re missing The Check In“.

Since then, The Check In has been an anchor and tool for navigation to make sure my actions and choices are aligned with what really matters. I hope it will inspire you, too.


  • When faced with any decision—big or small (like What do I want to eat for lunch? or Do I want to commit my time to this project?)—take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply and put your hands over your heart (if it’s comfortable/possible to do that) and ask yourself two questions:

  • Does this feel right for me? (I check in with my body to see if I have any body responses such as tension, ease, heat, heaviness, spaciousness, etc.)

  • Does this serve me/my deeper purpose? (or words to that effect that connect you to the bigger picture.)

I work with women in circles, one on one, and in retreats, to allow a deep trust and understanding of our inherent wisdom. My initial studies were in natural medicine: naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and flower essence therapy, which grounded me in trusting the healing power of Nature. I have done further study into education, medical research (biomedicine), yoga, women’s circles, energetic and somatic healing methods which have rounded out my treatment offerings in mind-body medicine.

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