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One-on-One with Chameli


Catherine Just Photographer
The Shakti Dharma Mentoring Immersion


Shakti Dharma is the vastly intelligent and creative life-force lived and expressed through you.

Aligning our lives and actions with our Dharma brings a deep fulfillment and meaning.
With humble authority, with devotion, we begin to fully inhabit our place in the grand blossoming that we call life.

In the Shakti Dharma immersion we focus on your leadership, how you can crystallize your work and share it with the world in integrity and abundance.  There is a tremendous support available to you in the momentum that happens when a circle of women come together with a shared intention, you will benefit the most if you are ready to put your time and energy into moving your projects forward.

This immersion is for you if:

:: You feel yourself at an evolutionary edge with giving your gifts to the world, and you are ready to invest in yourself and call in support.

:: You feel the call to step deeper into the truth of who you are and wish to explore how the essence of you wants to take form through your work.

:: You are ready to take action, and feel excited about bridging your inner spiritual life with practical life, work and business.

:: You feel called to reach out with your work and want to learn the way Awakening Women Institute has evolved into a global organization serving thousands of women and their loved ones, using an approach to marketing and business that is rooted in high integrity, authenticity and the power of community.

:: You feel a strong call to contribute to a more conscious and loving world, for all.



The main focus of this immersion is on leadership and business aligned with Source. Remember that I have extensive experience in not only facilitating awakening of consciousness, but also in bringing this immense intelligence into offerings that benefit thousands. If you have a website you feel stuck with, or if you are birthing a new offering and want support and hands on feedback, bring it. I love to share with you both the vastness and the details of it all; you can use this time to ask me anything.






CatarinaAfter several years of my personal and spiritual journey, I came to a point where I felt I was trapped into a labyrinth of the question, “Is this it?” The separation of spirit and life gave me a feeling of disconnection.

I still remember our first session. Even though Chameli was some 9700 km away, she guided me over the phone with such a presence.  That first session was an absolute turning point for me. A total transformation as she guided me to a new and undiscovered level of consciousness. Those 60 minutes were the beginning of an awakened and embodied journey in total connection with life as my spiritual path. Chameli is—with the ongoing sessions—a valuable guide for me in maintaining a high level of energy, staying awake as well as going for my commitments. I can really recommend this to other women who want to live an awakened life.  Chameli, thank you.
Catarina Olvenmark ~ Sweden
HR Director


Laura B photoChameli is a true embodiment of the awakened feminine, and I highly recommend working with her. She holds a rare space of deep-rooted stillness, nourishment, understanding and clear insight. When I hit a crisis last year, I knew working with Chameli was just the medicine I needed. The miracles started to flow from the moment I signed up for the work. In the sessions, I felt such a depth of Presence from Chameli and such a safety that I was able to fully surrender through all my despair and come out the other side into a deep expansiveness of love and clarity. In subsequent sessions, I took the core issues that had been on the rounds of workshops, satsangs and healers with me for many years ~ and they too dissolved.
Laura Berridge ~ U.K.
Goddess Coach