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Work One-on-One with Chameli


Shakti Dharma is the vastly intelligent and creative life-force lived and expressed through you.

Aligning our lives and actions with our Dharma brings a deep fulfillment and meaning.
With humble authority, with devotion, we begin to fully inhabit our place in the grand blossoming that we call life.

In the Shakti Dharma immersion, we focus on your leadership, how you can crystallize your work and share it with the world in integrity and abundance.  There is a tremendous support available to you in the momentum that happens when a circle of women come together with a shared intention; you will benefit the most if you are ready to put your time and energy into moving your projects forward.

This immersion is for you if:

:: You feel yourself at an evolutionary edge with giving your gifts to the world, and you are ready to invest in yourself and call in support.

:: You feel the call to step deeper into the truth of who you are and wish to explore how the essence of you wants to take form through
your work.

:: You are ready to take action, and feel excited about bridging your inner spiritual life with practical life, work and business.

:: You feel called to reach out with your work and want to learn the way Awakening Women Institute has evolved into a global organization serving
thousands of women and their loved ones, using an approach to marketing and business that is rooted in high integrity, authenticity
and the power of community.

:: You feel a strong call to contribute to a more conscious and loving world, for all.



The main focus of this immersion is on leadership and business aligned with Source.  I have extensive experience in not only facilitating awakening of consciousness, but also in bringing this immense intelligence into offerings that benefit thousands. If you have a website you feel stuck with, or if you are birthing a new offering and want support and hands on feedback, bring it. I love to share with you both the vastness and the details of it all; you can use this time to ask me anything.




The spaces in this program are of high demand and very limited in numbers.
We will close the registrations as soon as we have filled the seats.

In the text that follows, you will learn everything about the content of the immersion,
and how you can reserve your place right away.




How does it work?

Once you have registered:

  • You begin your Shakti Dharma Immersion with a writing practice to activate Sankalpa Shakti (the creative power of intention).
  • We meet, just you and me, for 2 sessions. Each session is 1hr long (phone/Skype—audio only).
  • We meet for 3 Shakti Dharma Circle (Q&A) sessions (phone/webcast).
  • We meet for 3 Shakti Dharma talk sessions (phone/webcast).
  • You can contact me via e-mail throughout the month for accountability, support and feedback about written and visual materials.
  • You will get access to our Shakti Dharma sharing group, where you can celebrate your process with your Dharma sisters + give and
    receive feedback and accountability support.


What is Sankalpa Shakti Activation?

Sankalpa Shakti is both the intention of your soul, and the power you need to bring it into form. When we feel overwhelmed and identified with doing it all alone, we tend to overlook this untapped reservoir of energy and wisdom within. This Shakti is active in its nature; it weaves and creates as evolution itself. Before engaging in any kind of transformational work, it is wise to take time to plug into this power source; your Sankalpa is like fuel for the ride. You will begin this month long immersion with a writing practice to activate Sankalpa Shakti.

What happens in the one-on-one sessions?

Look at me as your Dharma Doula. I will support you wherever you are in the birthing process of your gifts.
We will work on crystallizing your message,  if needed we will  — through Radical Releasing — melt the blocks and beliefs that are
in the way of your fully embracing the next evolutionary step in your work, and we will look at the most powerful and flowing ways
you can take action. You will do assignments between sessions, and we will stay in contact via emails where I can give you feedback
on your progress. I will share with you what I know works, and what to avoid. We can work together on written material, course outlines,
marketing, leadership mentoring; what we will focus on is determined by you.

What is a Shakti Dharma talk?

In these calls I will give talks inspired by the teachings from the Bhagavad Gita, on Shakti Dharma; what it means, how to clarify one’s Dharma, and how we can tap into this tremendous source of power and purpose. Aligning our lives and actions with our Dharma brings a deep fulfillment and meaning to our lives, and with authority we finally take our place in the grand blossoming that we call life.  All calls will have time for Q&A.
All calls will be recorded and emailed to you.

What is a Shakti Dharma Circle call?

You will write and submit the topic and areas you want to explore before each call, and we will pick as many submissions to process as we have time for.  This is a powerful approach in which I can address your questions in a format that will benefit everyone listening in.  Here you can tap into the Shakti of the timeless yogini circle and the practice of madhurya—the offering of the honey from our practice, for the benefit of all. The topics of the group Shakti Dharma Circle calls will be determined by your inputs, and we will go as practical and cosmic as we want.

All calls will be recorded and emailed to you.



Bild Ulrike1_06feb14-150x150The Shakti Dharma Immersion has been really a magical experience for me. It was a delight and a deeply transformational experience to work one-on-one with Chameli. Highly recommended! I felt so blocked and stuck and had so much resistance and at the same time I knew I was overdue to give birth to my website. Chameli was a loving crystal clear guide, who held space for a powerful and radical release of lots of blockages, so that I was able to immerse myself deeply into this birthing process. Her writing assignments and encouragement were opening gates of creativity within me, she just asked the right questions, I felt really seen by her and held and supported by the circle as well. Chameli is a beautiful vessel for pure Shakti and she spoke right to my heart, to the place within me where this deep longing to serve and to be in reverence for all of life lives. I bow in deep gratitude. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this magical exploration!
Ulrike Remlein
Soul Doula, Wisdom Keeper, Healer of the Feminine


Photo Annemiek van Helsdingen 200 200The Shakti Dharma immersion with Chameli was exactly what I needed. The sacred teachings about finding and living your Dharma gave me such deep nourishment, insights and inspiration. I have many signposts now to help me blossom further and further on my path. But what made the program truly remarkable was the inclusion of the really practical every day kind of issues we as participants were dealing with. For me this was about dealing with chronic illness. But also business teachings like using facebook for business and copy-writing and marketing from a sacred and effective point of view. Chameli is living her teachings in bringing the Sacred Feminine into every aspect of life and sharing her experience as a successful online entrepreneur. It is an amazing well to drink from.
Annemiek van Helsdingen ~ Netherlands
Priestess and coach

1.Home Page Main Picture without blank space copyChameli’s teachings are true medicine and inspiration for my soul and being, my guidance on this was right and the dharma teachings and group are bringing me so much more clarity, vision and support, I love it all, and feel so happy and relaxed to have found a teacher I trust, thank you.

Nicky West ~ Australia
Yoga Teacher & Coach




The Schedule:

We have scheduled the group sessions on a variety of weekdays and hours so that women in different time zones all get a chance to be on the call live.  All classes will be recorded so you can listen when it fits you, and you will be able to submit your questions ahead of time for group coaching calls even if you cannot attend live. Each call will be 90 minutes.

Group Calls:

  • Dharma Talk 1 : Monday, January 2nd ~ 12 p.m. (noon) PST
  • Dharma Circle call 1 : Saturday, January 7th ~ 10 a.m. PST
  • Dharma Talk 2 : Wednesday, January 11th ~  6 p.m. PST
  • Dharma Circle call 2 : Tuesday, January 17th ~ 12 p.m. (noon) PST
  • Dharma Talk 3 : Saturday, January 21st ~ 10 a.m. PST
  • Dharma Circle call 3 : Thursday, January 26th ~ 6 p.m. PST


Private sessions:

You will have your private sessions in the time period of January 1 – 30, 2017.




Tamira ChuThe Dharma Immersion with Chameli led me into a place of blossoming and inner clarity. Since the immersion, I feel deeply connected to the pulse of life unfolding through me. Chameli so gracefully lifted a veil of frozenness and got me juiced up in a way I didn’t know before. She not only pointed to the source of my soul’s longing but provided me as well with so many practical details from her own business knowledge. And now I have a community of women who still give me feedback to my offerings, answer my burning questions and cheer me up if I get stuck. I am so grateful.
Tamira Chu ~ Germany



topphoto2I loved doing this course so much. The teachings moved seamlessly between and merged the spiritual and day-to-day practicalities of aligning with your Dharma and running a business from this place. It was such a relief and so refreshing to hear business advice like this. Advice that honors what each person brings to the world without trying to make them conform to a formulaic method. To be encouraged to follow creative rhythms and work in a way that supports our feminine nature.

Doing this course created such a momentum in my work. It gave me much more clarity in my work and offerings and so many practical suggestions on how to move forward. The course is also priceless for the women it connected me with. It’s really wonderful having a trusted group of Dharma sisters to bounce ideas off, receive feedback from and celebrate with. Thank you Chameli for the incredible generosity of this course.
Kate Walker ~ Australia
Certified Health Coach, Yoga teacher & Reiki Master



Yes, I’m in!

What is my next step?

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Your investment:

                $ 997

Thank you for your interest; sessions are now full. 
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Shakti Dharma Circle ~ without private sessions

We have made available more seats in the group experience version of this program. If you choose this option, you will get your Sankalpa Activation writing practice + access to the FB group and Dharma resources, and you will participate in the Shakti Dharma talks and Circle Q&A sessions with Chameli, but without the one-on-one sessions and email support.

We have limited seats available and will close the registrations as soon as we have filled the seats for this option.

Investment for Shakti Dharma Circle option (without private sessions):


Thank you for your interest; our program is now full. 
Please register here, to be the first to be notified of the next session

We ask U.S. citizens to pay via check if possible.

Please e-mail us first ( to reserve your spot,
then send a check to:

Awakening Women
P.O. Box 1786
Nevada City, CA 95959


~ Once we have received your payment:

We will email you a welcome letter with the information you need + your Sankalpa writing practice.
We will also begin scheduling the private sessions.

No need to worry if you don’t hear from us right away. Depending on your timezone, it may take a day for us to connect with you.

~ The day before each group session we will e-mail you the access information.




Cancellation Policy. Please read carefully:

Due to the high demand for seats in this program, all registrations and payments are binding and non-transferable. If you need to reschedule a private session, we will try our best, but we do not guarantee to find you a new slot in Chameli’s schedule. You need to give us a 24 hour notice minimum in order to be eligible for rescheduling. All private sessions must be completed by January 30, 2017.




We have made a few seats in the group coaching program (without private sessions) available for full scholarships. You can apply for scholarship if you are 25 years old or younger, or if you live in a developing country with weaker currencies. Email us ( and tell us the reason you want a scholarship seat and how you want to contribute to a better world. We will only be available to respond to women who are eligible, so please do not apply unless you fit the criteria listed above.





CatarinaAfter several years of my personal and spiritual journey, I came to a point where I felt I was trapped into a labyrinth of the question “Is this it”. The separation of spirit and life gave me a feeling of disconnection.

I still remember our first session. Even though Chameli was some 9700 km away, she guided me over the phone with such a presence.  That first session was an absolute turning point for me. A total transformation as she guided me to a new and undiscovered level of consciousness. Those 60 minutes was the beginning of an awakened and embodied journey in total connection with life as my spiritual path. Chameli is—with the ongoing sessions—a valuable guide for me in maintaining a high level of energy, staying awake as well as going for my commitments. I can really recommend this to other women who want to live an awakened life. Chameli, thank you.
Catarina Olvenmark
HR Director


Laura B photoChameli is a true embodiment of the awakened feminine, and I highly recommend working with her. She holds a rare space of deep-rooted stillness, nourishment, understanding and clear insight. When I hit a crisis, I knew working with Chameli was just the medicine I needed. The miracles started to flow from the moment I signed up for the work. In the sessions, I felt such a depth of Presence from Chameli and such a safety that I was able to fully surrender through all my despair and come out the other side into a deep expansiveness of love and clarity. In subsequent sessions, I took the core issues that had been on the rounds of workshops, satsangs and healers with me for many years on my journey ~ and they too dissolved.
Laura Berridge
Goddess Coach




Welcome sister!


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