21 Day Divine Mother Sadhana

21 Day Divine Mother Sadhana

(Art by: Flora Aube)

The Practice of Peace

with Chameli Ardagh

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I am here.
I am the peace you are waiting for.
I am the cosmic power in your own being.
I am your deepest nature, 
Luminous wisdom weaving all things.

I am calling. I know you hear me,
and yet you turn and look away from me,
forgetting I am the inside of the inside of all beings,
of all things, of all action, of all words.

I am so close; even closer than close.
Lean back into my embrace, all the way into me.
Through you I will birth my Peace into this aching world.

Yes, you, beloved,
come closer.


Wisdom teachings from all traditions point to Unconditional Love and Compassion as the most powerful medicine in the world.  The Divine Mother mirrors to us that this treasure is found in our very own being. In practicing with Her, we enter vulnerability as a portal to a deeper power. We learn to see through our habits of division and projection and let Her guide us all the way into the unfathomable strength of the undivided heart.

When we look at the extreme war and violence in the world today, it may seem as if war is something happening “out there”, something we cannot understand. It feels foreign, removed from ourselves, and thus outside of our power to change.

In our Sadhanaour practice of peace—we will explore how we have the power to end war and restore peace when we look deeper than the appearance of violence “out there”, deeper than the dual view of “us against them”.

As we bring into consciousness the ways we live in warfare within our own thoughts and bodies, within our surroundings and our relationships, we can offer it all into the alchemy of the Divine Mother Shakti. Our guidance and maps are rooted in ancient mythology and the many names and forms of the Divine Mother: Maha Devi, Kwan Yin, Tara, Mother Mary, and Prajnaparamita.

Along with our inner yoga of restoring peace in our lives, we will also commit to daily prayer. Fiercely and steadily, we will pray for peace. Weaving together the prayers of hundreds of women in different geographical locations and time zones, we will create a continuous vibration wrapping around the earth—around the universe—birthing into the world an unwavering commitment to the medicine of the Divine Mother.

The ripples of spiritual practice and prayer touch and influence EVERYTHING and EVERYONE: human hearts and ocean creatures; the stars and the trees; generations behind us and generations to come. We are all creating and being created by each other.

Divine Mother, give me roots within your luminous heart; 
let my mind and imagination soar in the vastness that you are;
 let my words and actions emanate your Peace.
Mother, wrap your arms of compassion around me
and pull me all the way
into you.

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time.


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