21 Day Lakshmi Sadhana

21 Day Lakshmi Sadhana Live your dharma in abundance, beauty & integrity

Live your dharma in abundance, beauty & integrity

with Chameli Ardagh

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Awakening Women. Online Ashran

While we are busy worrying and chasing,
resisting and pushing,

there is a river of evolution,
a current of tremendous creativity,

pure life energy available to us.

There is an abundance here,
in this very moment

in this very experience…
are you paying attention?

Awakening Women. Online Ashran

Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, beauty and wealth. She removes the perceived separation between spirituality and so-called ordinary life. She illuminates and liberates us from limiting beliefs and unconscious loyalty to lack, and shows us how we can live the infinite abundance of our spiritual awakening in an embodied and practical way; how we can put our unique mark of beauty onto the world.

In our 21 days of Lakshmi practice, we will use her four arms as our map. This gives us a powerful blueprint of how our material life, relationships and our longing to contribute are not in any way separate from our enlightenment.

The arms symbolize:

Dharma (right living),
Artha (genuine wealth),
Kama (sensuality, desire, love) and
Moksha (ultimate liberation).

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Dharma (right living):
Your Dharma is the unique vibration of you fully expressed in the infinite matrix of life. The longing to show up and to contribute with who we are is shared by all of life. Look at the flowers, the animals, look at children; everybody wants to take part, with all we got. So why do we make it so personal? Why do we make it about “being good enough”, or the “right moment”, or “getting it”?

Lakshmi gives you powerful keys of how to connect with and to fully step into your dharma. Your dharma is unique yet much bigger than the personal. Dharma is Shakti — pure creativity — unleashed, and once aligned with our dharma, we instantly find fulfillment independent of the outcome or the form it takes.

Artha (genuine wealth):
Artha is the resources and means you need to live your Dharma. This can include money, home, skills, support and physical and emotional health.

In Lakshmi Sadhana, you connect with a more spacious and abundant dimension of yourself — your own luminous presence — and your source of motivation for everything you do in life changes from one of lack to one of overflow.

Kama (sensuality, desire, love):
We all know how we can get lost in obsession, in addiction, in endless craving and neediness. Yes, desire, left to the unconscious, can lead you to all those places and more.

But the very same desire, rooted in your Dharma, is your Amrita, the very elixir of life. Dare to desire to give your gifts, desire a better world, desire to live as love, to create beauty which will feed us all for real.

As a serious spiritual practitioner you may think that beauty, pleasure and sensuality are somehow optional and even frivolous luxuries, “if there is time”. In Feminine Embodiment Practices, we use pleasure as a pathway to Presence. Our senses open us, tickle us, nourish us. Music, colors, tastes, art, poetry and beauty bring us into alignment with the essential nature of who we are.

Moksha (ultimate liberation):
Lakshmi mirrors to us a radically inclusive and embodied spirituality. The fruit of sadhana is the realization of Moksha/freedom in the very essence of all our experiences.

The realization of Moksha is not a process in time, it is neither an awesome experience you once had nor a goal to reach later. It is not found in the rejection of the human or the so called “ordinary life”. Moksha is your luminous presence, always right here, in the moment, fresh and impossible to grasp and explain with the mind. You can only be it, in moment-to-moment open surrender.