21 Day Saraswati Sadhana

21 Day Saraswati Sadhana

 Expression. Wisdom. Freedom.

with Chameli Ardagh

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She is wisdom behind knowledge, 
the impulse behind the movements, 
the breath within the breath.
She is a quantum universe, exhilarating intelligence.
Mind blowing, crazily free.

While you plow ahead in your well-trodden tracks 
banging your head against the limited world you call real,
Saraswati is the aspect of consciousness that soars free in the realm of infinite possibilities.

When the wind is just right
bringing with it a scent of new visions,
it is Her soft tap on your shoulder you feel. 
Her unmistakable divine whisper tickling your ear;

Hey, sister, may I have this dance?

Saraswati is the Goddess of the arts, of creativity, of sound and of wisdom. She speaks in colors, in mantras, in the breeze through the leaves. To the not yet initiated, Saraswati seems hard to grasp, flying free as the wind not remotely interested in all the limitations we cling to.

She is the quantum field of vibrating potential; the thought you never thought before; the expanding vision; the scent of the spontaneous; the solutions suddenly appearing when you dare to engage with the vast landscape beyond what you know.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

She is mystical alchemy of creation, the miraculous journey from a subtle inspiration, to a feeling, to an idea, to an action, to a form. In practicing with her, you are a bridge from the invisible to the visible.

She is demanding in her unshakeable trust in your ability to express yourself, just as you are. She is challenging you to take a chance, in this lifetime, to trust that you are not a mistake. That you are whole. That you carry a unique medicine in this world.

You have invested so much energy in being right about your fundamental flaws – trying to convince us that your insecurities and wounds must earn you a rain check from life.

And how about all those ideas about what it means to be self expressed… the pressure of feeling it is all up to me, the nagging feeling of not doing enough, not being enough, the comparisons, the overwhelm and burden of a fictitious perfection… it can make even the most exuberant of us, oh, so very very tired.

In the meantime – in the midst of the most terrifying vulnerability of simply being – all creatures and plants and mountains and clouds in the world are expressing themselves with a momentous gusto. Everything and everybody so utterly unpretentiously are celebrating their own significance in the world.

We are all colors on a vast canvas, a cosmic rhythm, a dance on an incomprehensible dance floor. Saraswati has saved a spot for you on her divine dance card. For the love of it all, say yes.

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