21 Day Durga Sadhana

21 Day Durga Sadhana

 rooted in the authority of love

with Chameli Ardagh

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21 Day Durga Sadhana

You may roar from the mountain tops,
you may whisper into your cat’s ear.

You may express it through the swagger in your hips,
through a hearty pumpkin soup for one of those rainy days or
in a gentle touch on a tired neck.
You may sing it, teach it, paint it, dance it, write it.

No matter if you yearn for it or resist it.
Fall in love with it, ignore it, go for it or doubt it,
Durga ~ The Goddess who is married to Truth,
demands that the vibration of you,

your gift, your voice, your truth,
is fully given.

21 Day Durga Sadhana

Your truth, and the trust and strength to live it, is not found in cunning navigation through the all too familiar playing fields of  power games (higher/lower, win/lose, superior/unworthy, perpetrator/victim). Nor is it found in the never ending dance of self improvement, pumped up empowerment or building your self esteem.

Your truth is not something you need to reach, find or create. It is already vibrating fiercely in the depths of that which truly matters to your soul.

Durga is a warrior Goddess, mirroring to us genuine feminine empowerment. In the Hindu mythology where the story of Durga has its origin, the demons that she is fighting represent the forces and compulsive patterns, which freeze us, which generate conflict, separation and delusion. The gods and goddesses mirror to us clarity, love, compassion and awakened consciousness.

‘Evil’ and the ‘Good’ manifest in endless battles of duality, yet when we unplug from the drama and dive deeper, we  stumble upon the astonishing face of unity.

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time.


21 Day Durga Sadhana

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