21 Day Gaia Sadhana

Reclaiming a Humanity Rooted in the Mother

~ Reclaiming a Humanity Rooted in the Mother

with Chameli Ardagh and guest teachers

Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters
Maleda Gebremedhin, Founder of Womb Matrix Healing
Youkhehpaz, Awakening Women Teacher

You can start this course at any time.


Earth is birthing herself as you. 
Gather wise women around you—
those who know you are neither crazy nor lazy;
those intimate with the currents beneath the seen;
those willing to stay with you in the discomfort of
mending the broken dreams of the modern world.

Your roots are deep and vast as the cosmos;
wisdom pulses through your veins.
Listen deeply to the knowing in your bones.
You belong here on this land, in this time.
Come closer…You belong.

Everything in this splendorous creation vibrates with the wisdom and creative potential of our origin; how can we possibly “save the earth” without listening and observing the perfection of how She herself has done it for billions of years? Her wisdom dances in every cell of our bodies. We are made of Her. We are sustained by Her. We are devoured by Her. Gaia’s intelligence is right here, beating our hearts in this very moment. Nothing is more essential to our individual fulfillment and our common future than realigning with the root of this intimacy with our Mother, deeply honoring and guarding Her infinite source of guidance, resilience and nourishment.

Earth-based wisdom teachings and Goddess mythology from all over the world guide us to see nature and our bodies as the physical expression of the spirit world. In these traditions, spirituality is not somewhere else, away from Earth. The spiritual world permeates all things in the material world, existing in reciprocity with its physical manifestation.

When surface reality becomes imbalanced like we see on Earth today, rather than scrambling for solutions at the level of the problem, the yogini, healer, shaman, and wise woman expands her view and plants her roots in the spiritual world, where she resources wisdom, healing and vision for the benefit of all.

Take your seat, Sister, in this gathering of dream menders. We will be inspired by ancient Goddess mythology and practices of awakening. We will support each other in aligning our daily actions with our values and love for Mother Earth. In awakening from the numbing cycle of denial, shame and overwhelm, together, we will reclaim a human presence deeply rooted in the magnificent dream of Mother Earth.

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time.


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