21 Day Mary Magdalene Sadhana

Image by Karmievarya

Open to the Beloved Companion and the Tree of Life Within

with Chameli Ardagh

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I see you walking in the soft peachiness of the afternoon light,
the land is hot and dry under your feet.

This is the little piece of earth that you call home,
you know this land intimately as a mother.

Your hips feel warm and tingling,
there is an inward smile radiating through them,
reaching me through the mirage of time.

Like a mirror He has arrived, your Beloved, yourself.
His Presence, His warmth, His unwavering vast love. Yes.

You recognized in Him your own splendorous heart.
Magdalena, Mygdala, Miriam, Yogini Sister,
thank you for calling us into practice, into the circle, once again.
You once inhaled the scent of His skin, our Brother of Love,
we know you can lead us into the very depth of the love He embodied.
We are ready, take us all the way.

Our guide in this sadhana is Mary Magdalene and the multifaceted gifts she is bringing to us as the Beloved, the female archetype, the flesh and blood woman, the spiritual teacher in her own right, and as the companion of the Prince of Love.

We will draw inspiration from the text called The Gospel of The Beloved Companion, which 
describes a profound transmission between Magdalene and Jesus, or Jeshua as he is called here.

In the gospel, Jeshua shows Mary Magdalene a vision. It is a map of awakening consciousness in the form of the The Tree of Life Within. He shows her 8 gates and the challenges she must go through in order to pass through the gates to awaken and embody a more expansive consciousness. In our Sadhana Immersion, we will travel in the inner realms following the map that he shows her.

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time.

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