21 Day Tara Sadhana

21 Day Tara Sadhana ~ the Art of Shakti Alchemy

~ the Art of Shakti Alchemy

with Chameli Ardagh and guest teachers

Sukhvinder Sircar, Founder of Joyous Woman
Maleda Gebremedhin, Founder of Womb Matrix Healing

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Tara is the Great Shapeshifter. She is the capacity within us to liberate and transform stagnation into luminous wisdom, power and creativity. She is the transformation of energy, the brilliant dance of the elements, the Shakti alchemy that creates everything in the universe. We are made of her.

Through practicing with Tara, we remember, relearn, and reclaim our yogini ninja skills: to navigate the challenges and opportunities we face in our feeling world, our relationships, work, and global community with creativity and grace.

Tara teaches us we don’t need to exile any part of ourselves in order to be free. Instead of dimming down or diluting our life force by trying to get rid of unwanted energy, we learn to transform energy so we can live wide awake in our bodies, rooted in our wisdom and power.

Tara takes many colors and forms, and each color represents different aspects of awake consciousness. Through her many splendorous expressions of the enlightened feminine, she invites us to embrace the totality of our female incarnation. The spectrum of feelings, contraction and expansion become powerful portals to spiritual awakening.
We will practice with:Green Tara, Fearlessness; White Tara, Compassion and Wisdom; Yellow Tara, Abundance and Prosperity; Black and Blue Tara, Pure Power & Discernment; Red Tara, Erotic Magnetism, and more.

Sadhana is spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is love. For 21 days, offer yourself to the altar of awake living. Through daily practice and short sutras of awakening, reconnect and recommit yourself to a truth sourced in the universal, yet vibrating uniquely through you.

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