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21 Day Parvati Sadhana ~ Rooted in Union

21 day Parvati Sadhana

With Chameli Ardagh & The Awakening Women Team

October 5-25, 2016

Online + by phone. Participate from your own home.


There is a place in the heart where everything meets.
Go there if you want to find me.
Mind, senses, soul, eternity, all are there.
Are you there? 

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.
Give yourself to it with total abandon.
Quiet ecstasy is there
and a steady, regal sense of resting in a perfect spot. 

Once you know the way,
the nature of attention will call you
to return, again and again,
and be saturated with knowing,
“I belong here, I am at home here.”
Answer that call.

~ The Radiance Sutras by Dr. Lorin Roche


With unwavering devotion, facing ridicule and rejection, Parvati called for Shiva to give Himself to Her.
She knew the balance of the universe depended on their union.

The marriage of Parvati and Shiva symbolizes the wholeness that we and all things are made of.
It is the union of inner and outer, the holy and mundane, mind and heart, spirit and body,
of the limitless vastness of Divine essence and the world of form. In their mythology,
we see that it is Parvati, the feminine, who takes leadership in bringing this wisdom into our world.

With fierce tapas, spiritual heat, she went to the depths of her own practice and awakening,
knowing it was here in the inner bridal chamber of her heart that she and her beloved could become one.

Parvati is a profound mirror of the very essence of the Yogini, of standing for our deepest truth
no matter what, of committing to our spiritual path not as a hobby on weekends,
but as an essential piece of the evolution of our world. No one gave her permission:
she had to stand, sometimes utterly alone, rooted in her vision of wholeness.

Once married, Parvati and Shiva embark on the challenging and exhilarating journey of intimate relationship and family life. They birth children and the deepest wisdom teachings; they play and quarrel and make love, creating a much-needed imprint in our consciousness of spiritual and family life as one integrated path of embodied spiritual awakening.

Is it true that no partner can fully meet the depth of our heart and that we have to
compromise in order to find a partner? Or that our spiritual life is on hold
while we are immersed in raising children, or even that wanting children
is a distraction from our path?
How do we reconcile the fear of losing ourselves in relationship (again)
with the longing for surrender and union?

In our sadhana, we will dive into the deep symbolism in the stories of Parvati, Shiva,
and their children, drawing inspiration from the many wisdom teachings and practices
that emerged from their love nest, such as the Vijñānabhairava Tantra, a set of 112 practices
for touching the divine in the midst of daily life.


If you have participated in one of our Sadhanas before and know how it works:

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or read on to learn more…



What is Shakti Sadhana?

Sadhana means spiritual practice.
Shakti is a name for the feminine creative life force of the universe.

Shakti Sadhana is embodied spiritual practice, where the Goddess is the portal to awakening.
In this practice you consciously engage with both your inner and outer life,
your darkness and your light, essentially seeing all of it as
an unfathomable wholeness of which you are made of.

Shakti Sadhana is not a seclusive spiritual practice,
it is a path that permeates every aspect of our lives.
In the Shakti view, we don’t relate to spirit as separate from matter,
but as different expressions of the same totality.

The Yogini circle
 is a circle of conscious women coming together with a shared intention

of embodied awakening.  Our online 21 day Sadhana Immersions are  gatherings
of several hundred women, from all over the planet.
Together we co-create a resonant field of Shakti which
provides each of us with a powerful transmission of awakening.


Welcome to your seat in the Yogini circle,
a feminine path of spiritual awakening.


What will I learn in a 21 Day Sadhana?

The effect of the feminine embodiment practices can only be known
through direct experience, it can never fully be described in words.
But here are some pointers:

The practices direct you

:: towards a radical wholeness.

:: towards a reverence for the pulse of life in your body and in all beings.

:: to a deep place of home which never leaves you no matter how turbulent life shows up.

The practices become your allies in your longing to live as
an embodied instrument of awakening in the world.


FloraI am deeply, eternally grateful for Chameli and her embodied devotion to the sacred feminine. I find the sound of her voice alone carries me deeply into an ancient, familiar wisdom and cracks open a River of love within me. There is a potent clarity which penetrates the worn out patterns of ‘hiding’ and ‘dimming down’ that have been part of the collective female experience, and replaces it which radiant strength and joy for being alive in this woman’s body! With each Sadhana, I experience a profound level of trust and commitment amongst my sisters that is unlike any other circle. I’m always left with a deeper truth, a heart wisdom that carries into my life and flowers the depth of my creative force in the world.
Flora Aube, Founder of Art of Allowing Academy


Lisa SchraderMany of us are inspired by spiritual teachings but to actually embody them, in a daily practice of breathing them in and sweating them out, is a radically different proposition. Chameli Ardagh is masterful at illuminating the ancient goddess teachings in a way that makes them supremely tangible for modern women without sacrificing their depth, creating a kind of frequency that sparks awakening. The poetry, sacred transmission, depth of sisterhood, vulnerability, nitty gritty practice, and daily dose of gentle lightning that Chameli delivers in her 21 day Yogini Sadhanas is a force of nature. It’s no wonder that thousands of women worldwide eagerly await the announcement of each one and that their popularity continues to grow exponentially. Chameli has practiced a lifetime to fulfill this mission. As an open channel for the teachings and voice of the Goddess, she offers us the wisdom the world is starving for, the divine feminine truth we’re collectively remembering.
Lisa Schrader, Founder of Awakening Shakti


Version 2I am always blown away by the depth of the practices and the strength of the community that’s created during these online sadhanas. In addition to the sheer joy of learning from someone as inspiring, articulate, genuine and wise as Chameli, every sadhana takes me into deeper relationship with the sacred feminine on so many levels. I feel more connected to the divinity in my own heart and fully held and supported by women from around the world. So grateful for Chameli and this beautiful, ever-widening circle!
Kirsten Warner, Founder of Devi Yoga for Women


How does it work?

The Sadhana begins Wednesday, October 5th. That day you will receive your first e-mail,
and you will also be invited into the closed Sadhana online group.
Once a day (except for the day of the phone retreats),
you will receive a short e-mail with a new practice
or a poem that will inspire you and keep you on track.

On Saturday, October 8th,  we will meet for our first Phone/Webcast Retreat.
We will meet for a retreat on the phone/webcast (your choice) with Chameli
3 Saturdays (October 8th, 15th & 22nd) at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern, 19.00 Northern Europe.

The calls will last 90 minutes. The last 30 minutes is Q&A.

The retreats will be recorded so you can listen to them at any time.
In between the phone retreats, you will practice on your own.
You can check in with your Yogini sisters as often as you like in the online Yogini circle.


Will I have the time to do sadhana in the midst of a busy life?

You participate as much as possible for you. To do some practice is better than no practice,
and many of the practices are done in the midst of your life as it is for you.
Once you enter the Sadhana, you enter a mandala of Shakti, of transformation.
The practices and teachings will, independent of how much you “do”,
unfold in unexpected ways.


Who is it for?

We will go deep. We meet in a shared dedication to living awake.
If you feel called, a sense of YES inside…then claim your seat in the circle.

You don’t need to have any previous experience with these teachings.
Our focus in the feminine embodiment practice is on direct experience,
YOUR experience is the authority. Always.


Uli FeichtingerWhenever a new Sadhana is offered, I sign up. These 21 day immersions have become an integral part of my life and spiritual practice. I deeply enjoy Chameli’s leadership in the women’s circle – each offering drips with devotion and dedication. The practices offered are such an exquisite blending of down-to-earth-every-day-life-practices and guidance into mystical experiences of the Goddess Herself. I am filled with gratitude for Chameli who teaches me to mend the split between the mundane and the holy.
Uli Feichtinger, PhD. Coach and Trainer



I found myself at the doors of your virtual ashram, and what I have discovered has been magical, not fairy tale magic but real soul magic. It has been a journey of profound growth for me. I feel like I have found a place to rest awhile. I feel like I have just woken up, with so much to learn. I am excited.

As I listened to your wisdom, your voice, your medicine, I see such a beauty in your being, mirroring in mine and those around. My words fall short in capturing your luminous ways, and how grateful I am to share some of my journey with you. It is a great honor that being across the seas I can feel so connected to you and what you bring into the world. With heartfelt tears and gratitude, thank you thank you thank you.
Briony Montgomery


indigomedicinewomanHaving been in the Yogini Circle live a number of times, I was hesitant to sign up for an online Sadhana. But, something nudged me to take a risk, because I was in need of spiritual refuel, with no live retreat in sight! My experience in the Divine Mother online Sadhana was surprisingly powerful. I felt myself enter a potent portal of the Great Mother’s embrace and guidance, the moment I began the Sadhana. Building an altar for the Great Mother is something that I do regularly, but doing it in connection with my Yogini sisters around the world, ‘charged’ it with new meaning, magic, and inspiration. The recordings helped me reconnect with my own wisdom and rekindle my passion for my spiritual path. I found myself hearing Chameli say the wordless things that live on my insides, and felt fortified by listening each time. Being a busy mother and leader of women’s work myself, it is so convenient to listen to the recordings, connecting in true wisdom and sisterhood, while exercising each day! I found myself looking forward to what Chameli would say next! And, as usual, a huge benefit for me was the connection I felt with the sisterhood in the private Facebook Group. I know that I can share anything there and be supported and feel at home every time. I feel so much love in my heart for these ways that we share, and I will definitely do another online Sadhana with AWI.
India Rose Mariamne
Founder of the WILDE Tribe ~ Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution


What is included?

:: Daily practices and/or short awakening poems into your e-mail box

:: 3 Tele-Retreats

:: Access to an online Yogini Circle* where you can connect with women from all over the world,
practicing like you. This is an already established and cherished online sanctuary, which will be there
for you also after the 21 days are over.
*A private Facebook Group

:: Recordings of all 3 Tele-Retreats (also for downloads as MP3)


How do I join?

:: Pay by clicking the “Register Now” button below. It will take you to check out
where you will pay via Pay Pal. (You don’t need to have a Pay Pal account.)

:: Once we have received your payment, you will get a welcome e-mail.

:: From Wednesday, October 5th, you will begin to get your daily e-mails, as well as
reminders and recordings before and after the live phone retreats with Chameli.

:: Online courses are non-refundable.


If you do not receive one of your daily emails, please check your
folder as sometimes they inadvertently end up there.
(If you have Gmail, 
check the promotions tab.)

If you need support, please contact


What do I contribute?

Registration is now closed


Or make three payments of $37 (one payment every 15 days)


Welcome to a powerful journey!

With Love, Always
Chameli & The Awakening Women Team



BarbaraThe 21 day Sadhana immersions are a dream come true for me. 
To feel held as I learned to hold me. To feel listened to as I learned to listen to me. And to be led, by the voice and inspired words of Chameli, as well as the shared writings of my wise sisters, 
as I learn to lead myself ~ from within.  I have been softly kissed by the Goddess. She is real and presides in this circle. I am home again.
Barbara Heile, Artist


Being invited into the sacred circle where hundreds of awakening women held a seat for me was deeply moving. I was welcomed with open arms, and drank from the elixir of sisterhood’s love and beauty. This connection infused my practice of exquisite self care with grace and inspiration. Chameli is a vibrant flower with a sweet aroma that fills me with happiness…her voice, wisdom, presence is pure nectar.
Shakaya Leone, Author of “Naked Beauty”


It devika300has been amazing to feel at home and participate in a course of such depth and support. The daily practices are truly inspiring, the talks from Chameli powerful and directly speaking to me. I bow to you all… and I want more!
Devika Fossen, Massage Therapist



IMG_0247(1)I’m forever grateful for the circle of women around the world who have shared this experience of sisterhood through the vehicle of Awakening Women’s Institute. It’s as if my soul has been longing for this, craving this circle, this connection to a deeper part of myself. I’ve long lived in this experience of being a woman, not really feeling very connected to the feminine in it’s fierce form. It’s been a beautiful journey, through 3 of the 21 day virtual retreats, with my most recent experience being the Inanna Sadhana decent and return. INCREDIBLE! I bow to the circle, and to all women who are in this virtual circle and to all women everywhere.
Janis M Desmond, Yoga Instructor

I honor Awakening Women Institute, and the practices that are shared within. It is a rooted way of being that honors the life we are experiencing right here, right now. Rather than being a Guru/Devotee relationship, it is the awakened way for a woman to explore all possibilities, especially what is true in the moment. By participating in this program, I have increased my appreciation of the beauty around me, including appreciation of my inimitable self. I am learning and recognizing that we are mirrors of each other in our experiences, I am learning I am not alone! In this process, I have stepped into ways of moving beyond judgment, comparison or blame. This emotional support and nurturing, has created the opportunity to make friends from around the globe, and as sisters, we are awakening to a more wholesome way of being. It is vitally our time to do so.
Shiana Seitz Crone, Wise Woman


This precious month of intensive practice has changed me.  I experienced every action, movement, meeting, breath, meal, thought, interaction….. as a practice. What a relief, what a bliss!
All of me, my being and doing became a practice in total devotion to the Goddess.  I am one with the practice. I embodied the practice.  It just is, I am no longer separated from it. The teleclasses and the massive loving and beautiful supportive energy from Chameli and all of the divine sisterhood has made a tremendous difference

Catarina Olvenmark, Business Consultant and Coach