Image: Elemental Child

Welcome, Sister, to your holy seat.

With the Living Goddess and the circle as your witness, you are invited into a simple and sweet ceremony, a rite of passage into fully owning and celebrating the life phase you are in.

The instructions below offer a simple structure for your ritual; and as always trust the authority of spirit within you and let that guide you. You are the priestess of this ceremony.

Find a space where you can be undisturbed whether in your room or outside. Set beside you a glass of water, which will be used in the ritual to receive and drink in blessings as you claim your seat.

Light a candle, and find a way to create sacred space. Connect with what is important to you, what you are here to guard. Breathe and listen. Call upon your teachers and guides, upon Mother Earth, your ancestors and the future generations to be your witness.

When you are ready, play the rites of passage recording for the particular life phase you are claiming. Close your eyes and open yourself to be witnessed and honored…

After you have completed listening and have drunk the glass of water, you may blow out the candle, rest and integrate.


There are, of course, many life phases and here we have chosen four. If you are in doubt of which one is for you, follow your intuition; maybe you even want to do more than one. Maybe you are a mother but now feel ready to take your seat as an elder; you could do both the mother and elder ceremony. You may feel you don’t fit in any of these life phases, and if so, do the womanhood ceremony as this will be beneficial to most women, since many of us missed being consciously welcomed into womanhood. You can now claim that ritual for yourself today, no matter your age and circumstance. Also feel free to listen to all of them, if that feels right to you.

Maidens ~ Rites of Passage into Womanhood

Guided by Sukhvinder Sircar

This ceremony is for maidens and women in their childbearing age who are not yet mothers. This ceremony is powerful to partake in at any age, especially if you feel you missed the rites of passage from girl to woman.

You are a full grown woman, no matter if you are in your twenties or in your forties. You don’t have to pretend to be older or wiser; you have the wisdom of youth, of space, of fluidity. Your medicine is needed. You don’t have to have it all figured out, it is okay not to know, to make mistakes, to keep playfulness alive. You are seen and celebrated by the elders in your unique seat, in the beauty of your youth, in the infinite possibility and potential you embody.

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 Calling upon the Mothers

Guided by Chameli Ardagh

This ceremony is for women who are pregnant or have given birth.

Mothers, take your seat. You have been initiated into creation itself; you have received the spark of life itself. You have been initiated into the art of gestation, of waiting, of acting when it is time. You know how to create in alignment with the universe. Straighten your crown, dear one; do not leave the wisdom in your womb.

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This Ceremony is for women who are raising children, this can be stepchildren,
adopted children or your own.

Mothers, take your seat. You are Her priestess showing up every day in service to the Great Goddess creating herself into the world. You are playing the most important role in the world, it is time to own it and to honor it. Recognize that you have been chosen to walk the most advanced spiritual path of them all. Straighten your crown, dear one.

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Calling upon the Elders

Guided by Dominique Youkhehpaz

This ceremony is for women who wish to consciously step into the the seat of the elder and the wise woman.

You have lived and learned, your wisdom is deeply needed in the world. Your slower pace is medicine, your appreciation for simplicity is needed. You carry a unique beauty and bridge between past and present that is needed for all women to be able to fully take their seat. You carry the medicine of the ancient, and a vitality and strength that is awe-inspiring.

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Calling upon the Seers

Guided by Maleda Gebremedhin

This ceremony is for women who will not have children in this lifetime.

Own your freedom; you have an important role in the wisdom field. How can you hold space for the women, as an ancient mother line ends with you? You are the climax of the evolution of this thread, and you carry a potent medicine to mother the soul of humanity.

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