Ritual Bathing

Guest post by Rosalie Whatley

Water has always been my sanctuary. When I feel tired and crunchy, stressed, confused, achy or overloaded I find solace, healing, inspiration, and renewal in her sweet embrace. After a long day of work when my brain feels “full,” or the things in life feel too much for one person to hold, I turn to the cleansing powers of water.

Ritual bathing began as an act of self devotion: surrendering into the fluidity of water’s grace, soothing my nervous system, and returning to center. I define ritual bathing as any act of bathing done with intention! This could be in the bath, or even in the shower if you don’t have a bathtub. I have had so many glorious ideas, epiphanies, songs, and inspirations come through when I am in the liminal and restful state of ritual bathing and I hope you do too!



This practice can be as simple or elaborate as you like.


  • The first step is to set the mood. You can bring candles, music, and beautiful scents into your bathing or showering space.
  • If you have a bathtub, you may choose to add flowers, essential oils, bath salts or other delicious libations to your bath.
  • For a ritual shower, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the shower spray, creating a steam.
  • And, you can always stay simple, with just you, the water, and your presence.
  • Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of being in water with intention. Feel the sensations on your skin and let yourself be softened and soothed by their touch.
  • Take long, slow, deep breaths. Stay and bask as long as you like!

Rosalie Grace is an embodiment guide, certified Fertility Awareness Educator, tantra teacher, doula, and devotional poet. She guides beings into a deeper relationship with their bodies through modern tantra, self care practices, and body literacy education. Awakening to sensuality, reconnecting with the moon phases and the love affair between body and earth are some of her deepest passions and joys to share. When not educating, writing poetry or daydreaming, you’ll find her outside, dancing, crying or writing music.  RosalieAmberGrace.com


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