Whew, so much to process and to tend to practically, mentally, and emotionally…and beneath it all Gaia needs us now.

Just like our bodies do when we have an overflow of harmful bacteria and viruses in the body, She, has activated her immune system now (remember our bodies are made of her body, every system here works around the same principles just in different scales).

She had to. She is suffocating. Some of Her children were taken over by the lord of greed, like drunkards out of control, they were harming everyone in the family, harming their mother, stuffing billions and billions of plastic items into her every single day, every day, every day. We were not able to stop, the momentum of the machinery of what we call modern civilization had too much power over us, and we have become a virus out of control. She had to stop us. She had to.

I am feeling such deep grief, and shame, and love, and, I know that I can bring all of it to her, all I have to do is to not look away. To show up. To pray. To listen to her. I have been down by the river in ceremony every morning, howling and listening, and bringing all the suffering and fear and grief of our human family into the embrace of our earth family. We are so loved here. Everyone here is just waiting for us to come home. We are so loved by Her.

And now is the time to show up for Her, oh so easily we can go back to sleep, we know this now, we know the power of the trance. There is an opening now, let’s plant our seeds there…and pray that they will take root, so that we can have real food, real belonging, so that we can come home to Her.

This video is a transmission from ceremony by the river earlier this week.

We will soon gather for Gaia’s Oracle Sadhana. If you have not already done so, come take your seat in dedication to healing and awakening in this time. As always no one is turned away for lack of funds. I want to gather as many of us as possible to listen to Her.

If you are in a position to offer financial support to help us support more women, that would be deeeeeeply appreciated. Go here to donate so that more sisters can participate in sadhana, as well as the Community Emergency Fund we have created to support women in financial need.