Sacred union of earth and sky, dancing all the elements. Sky penetrating Earth with life-giving water. Filling Her, quenching Her.

Guest blog by Denise Reynolds, written during a torrential rain and thunderstorm in the Yogini Initiation retreat, India

Sacred union of earth and sky,
Dancing all the elements.
Sky penetrating Earth with life-giving water.
Filling Her, quenching Her
Becoming the life-blood of Gaia.

As though Her hairs stand on end,
Tendrils of her wanting rise to call Him down.
A smoldering charge extended toward that which arises in Him.
High in the air, among the moist clouds,
The passion of their polarity ignites.
As Her dynamic energy rises up to meet Sky,
Her spark of creative tension manifests their light and vibration,
She is met and further penetrated,
By His transformative, life-giving fire.

Until that moment, there is  potentiality in His field.
He can give Her a light show among the clouds,
But, to come TO her, to come INTO her,
He needs Her to reach for Him, to want Him,
To want the experience of that tension;
As the tips of Her high mountains ripple with electricity, longing for His touch.
She opens Herself to His searing penetration, His light.

Her trust in His adoration of all that She is,
Allows this vulnerability, as an offering;
She invites and also gives Herself over to Him.
And we humans, Spirit manifest, can revel in their union;
In the moments of brilliance when their polarity creates light,
In their ecstatic rumbling moans,
In the glorious roar of their passionate strikes and fiery eruptions,
In the sacred amrita splashing down as the rain.
Blessed are we to witness this sacred act,
And to bring it into human form through flesh and Spirit and Love.

Denise is mother to two wonderful boys, teaches classes in nutrition, cooking, self-care & pleasure and is the founder of Nourishing Your Fertility, helping couples to conceive. She is passionate about being ever more playful, conscious, compassionate and creative while delightfully fulfilled in the present moment.

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Photo Credit: Unknown.