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Recommended Senior Practitioners/Women’s Temple Facilitators

If you want to start a Temple group, have an embodied experience of Temple practices, or arrange a retreat, workshop, or initiation for your community, we recommend the following senior Awakening Women practitioners to lead Temple events in your area.

These practitioners have trained intensively with Chameli and Awakening Women and have a depth of experience and leadership in guiding women in the embodied feminine practice of Women’s Temple.

Any arrangements you make are between you and the senior practitioner, independent of Awakening Women.

In exchange for leading retreats and workshops, our senior practitioners ask to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR/dollars per day.



Maria 3Maria Geiser-Letzel

Lives in: Netherlands
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: German and English

Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I live the in Netherlands at the border of Belgium and Germany with my husband and am the proud mother of a son.  As the team leader in the Awakening Women 9 Month Program in Germany, I have worked very closely with Chameli for many years.  I am educated as a Women’s Temple Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Lifedancing Teacher, Transformation Group Leader, Rebirthing Trainer, Firewalk Seminar Leader, and as a Medical Technical Laboratory Employer.

To take my seat in the great, powerful, loving, supporting Yogini circle feels like coming home again.  I am beyond words for how grateful and deeply in love I am with this work, and with Chameli, who is so deeply committed to spread this feminine awakening and support women to take their seats and get back to their true nature.

I bow,
“Pathfinding Shapeshifter”

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yashodharaYashodhara Van

Lives: near Munich in Germany
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: German, English, and Dutch
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I was born in the Netherlands and now am living near Munich. I did my first workshop with Chameli in 2005 and instantly loved it. Since then, I have been a participant, assistant or Team leader in most of Chameli’s seminars in Germany and in Corfu.  I feel so lucky to be the Team Leader in the Woman’s Temple Group Leadership Trainings held in Germany, and to have been in all the nine-month programs in Germany.

Every time I am in Temple, I experience light, relaxation, joy and coming home. I am so grateful to Chameli over and over again for the depths she takes us, the nourishment of the women’s circle, the insights, the development, the relaxation and joy of being together discovering, practicing and celebrating. I am so happy to finally have found a woman who explores embodying feminine spirituality.  The Temple practices with gentle, loving female touch connect me in a very new way with myself and open doors in me, melting me as never before.

I bow,
“Sister of the Heart, Laughter and Depths”

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10363260_884221124926192_3908911631519257771_nDevika Fossen

Lives in: Norway
Will travel to:  Scandinavia, the UK, Southern Europe and beyond…
Speaks: Scandinavian, English, a bit of latino: French, Italian, Portuguese plus fluent in body language!
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

The blessings of having Temple practices in your local area is Being together in the body, creating sacred space, seeing and connecting truthfully with your Sisters.  In this atmosphere of trust and respect it is easy to embody the feminine essence, to experience what Is, embrace the darker sides and celebrate the tears and bliss of womanhood.  We practice the art of Surrendering…

Guided by the sisterhood manifesto and the temple practices you can develop your own Temple where Truth rings out to those who can hear and feel… The Temple is answering a universal call, deep within each woman, the potential for healing and connection that is created is endless.   I am dedicated to this work and so grateful to be in Service and ride this wave of Shakti happening all over the globe.  I am ready to travel and support You in creating Temple where you live and inspire you to feel confident in continuing the practice.

In deep gratefulness to serve the unfolding river of Feminine Flow,
“Gracefully Riding the Tiger”

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DominiqueDominique Youkhehpaz

Lives in: Northern California, United States
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: English

Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 dollars per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I moved to Nevada City soon after first taking the Awakening Women Leadership Training, now I am part of the Nevada City Women’s Temple.  Once a month I hold temples in Berkeley and Sebastopol, California.  I assist in Awakening Women retreats as much as I can and have been traveling to Corfu, India and Germany to practice with the global yogini circle.  In between, I am home working on projects for Awakening Women and giving my own work and offering of Self-Marriage for women.

There is nothing more in the world I love than feminine embodied spirituality, living a truth that denies nothing and bridges spirituality with daily life, being immersed in a sisterhood where we mirror this truth for each other.  I remember vividly my first time stepping into Women’s Temple (at the Teacher Training in Nevada City in November 2011)—it literally felt like stepping inside myself, like a melting, a recognition, a falling in love, a return home.  It changed the course of my life because now, it is my life.


With endless gratitude,
“The All-Embracing Ocean of Devotion”

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IMG_0364 KopieMareille Ann Bechle

Lives in: Northern Germany
Will travel to: 
anywhere in the world
German, Italian and English
to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I discovered Awakening Women in 2009. Since then I’ve participated in many retreats. I have been part of the 9-month-program as a student and assistant for a long time now.

Being with other women in this healing, nourishing, powerful circle is such a gift, such a blessing in my life, and I love to share this!

I am committed to go into this deep process of ongoing incarnation.  And I see that we can give a big contribution to the world, to the universe with our courageous feminine hearts!

I live with my beloved and my children in a beautiful place near a big river, where I am creating the “river-healing-community” with friends and yogini sisters.

I especially love to work with girls and young women.  I really admire this young generation with their questions and such deep wisdom.  I love to hold the space for them and to be a witness to their amazing offerings.

In gratitude,
“Goddess of Joyful Awareness”