Facing the pain at the root of our limited identities.

This powerful map from Sukhvinder Sircar shows us the layers of illusions we are called to recognize and awaken from, in order to reclaim our innate intelligence and restore a humanity rooted in the Great Mother.


 Photo Credit: Bibbie Friman

 Photo Credit: Bibbie Friman


1: The shadow of colonialism, the theft of our connection to Goddess, nature, and our own wild selves.

Prakriti is Mother Nature; she is the root of all things before creation. The colonizer views nature as an object to fear, conquer and exploit. Our modern culture has been built upon these values, with consequences that include racism, exploitation of indigenous cultures, and the suppression of the feminine. By reclaiming Prakriti as our very own selves, we are reclaiming our intelligence and belonging. A woman reclaiming a healthy, wild body and mind is the most powerful act of revolution. She is saying to the system, you cannot have me anymore.

2: The shadow of spiritual bypassing, ideas and dogmas created out of separation from nature and denial of our shadow colonialism.

We make our spirituality about highs and altered states as a trick to avoid feeling the pain that can liberate us for real. We pretend we can cling to light and mask the dark, that our spirituality is about getting more for the small “me.” In facing this pain, we reclaim a spirituality that is slow, deep and responsible. We take our place as wisdom keepers and weavers of wholeness.

3: False aspirations, as a result of the two previous shadow wounds.

Split off from ourselves and nature, loyal to disassociated spiritual ideas, our aspirations and desires are easily manipulated and kidnapped. From being citizens of the world with innate gifts for interconnection and sharing, we become isolated consumers of the system. Through the willingness to enter the root pain, and through the power of sankalpa, we begin to realign our desires and aspirations with our true belonging and purpose here on Earth.

4: The Bindu ~ In the center of the triangle is a tiny dot, the bindu, an energetic portal into our essential nature. The portal in is through pain.



Sanskrit words Sukhvinder mentions:

Prakriti ~ Goddess as nature. The primordial principles we all are made of.

Bahurupa ~ A name of Maya meaning one with many forms.

Adi Shakti ~ Goddess as the Primordial impulse at the heart of the world.




:: Practice ~ Contemplation

What ways are these shadow pains Sukhvinder speaks about present in your life, and how can you recognize them?

Take some time with each of them, and write down how they play out in your life.

Sukhvinder urges us to take action, to feed sanity and freedom, for all.

Picking a few of her suggestions or finding your own, what 3 action steps can you take?


***NOTE: This is a work in progress, and Sukhvinder requests that you please not share it outside of the circle.

Sukhvinder Sircar
Founder of Joyous Woman
Sukhvinder is a leader in the feminine path of awakening, teaching retreats for women all throughout India. An initiate of the Gaudiya Vaishnava school of bhakti, her life is deeply enriched with her sadhana.