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Shakti Dharma Talks with Chameli Ardagh ~ Self study version


The Yogini Path ~ A Love Affair with Spirit-in-Form

The Circle, The Tradition & The Practices

:: 4 Tele Classes

Maybe you have noticed it around you, maybe you feel it in your bones,
that we are in the midst of ~ a renaissance of a Shakti based spirituality ~
this is a spiritual path which offers a radical view of wholeness ~ of spirit and matter as One.

The Shakti practices open us to the direct realization of Self as infinite,
and to a profound and mature embodiment of this realization,
fully lived and made actual through the unique expression of each woman.

When we as Yoginis, female practitioners of this path, come together with a shared intention
of embodied awakening, we are also taking our seat in a timeless circle, The Yogini circle.
The Yogini circle is a powerful field of Shakti, a circle of sisterhood,
where we call on each other to rise, to stand tall in our wisdom and awakening,
not as another ego structure, but as a place of undeniable dignity and spiritual authority.

Chameli has been traveling extensively meeting and practicing with Yoginis all over the world.
In this 4 class series (via recording), Chameli will speak from the depth of her love affair
with the Yogini path and share from the extensive studies and practices she has undergone in
order to bring these teachings forth, not as dusty dogmas but as an alive and evolving path of awakening.


Who is it for?

:: These classes are useful for all women who feel drawn and want to learn more about this path.

:: This is an opportunity for long term students of the Awakening Women work to deepen your understanding
of the potential of the practices and the path.

:: This series is a chance to integrate the highly experiential Yogini practices with a cognitive understanding of
the path and what it has to offer.


In this series you will learn more about:

:: what is a Yogini?

:: the lineages and traditions that inspire our practices

:: the maps and paths we use to navigate in our awakening journey

:: the power and potential of the circle and conscious sisterhood

:: the Yogini view on enlightenment and embodiment

:: Devi Yoga, Goddess focused practices and myths

:: the basic practices & commitments


What is Included?

:: 4 Shakti Dharma Talks with Chameli~ each 1.5 hr long (MP3 Recording)

:: A downloadable weekly practice and assignments


How does it work?

:: You register by paying via Paypal below (contact us if you want to pay with U.S. check).

:: As soon as you have paid, you will receive a Welcome letter with more information.


What do I contribute?


You may also wonder…

:: How is this different than the 21 day Yogini Sadhana immersions?

This is a less intensive way to dive into the teachings and practices of the Yogini path, which will give
you a more extensive understanding of the Yogini path practiced in the Awakening Women community.
Even though it is always beneficial to have a daily practice as we suggest in the 21 day Sadhana immersions,
that is not the focus of this program.

:: How much time should I be prepared to spend for daily practice?

Unlike the 21 day Sadhana intensives, which are primarily about practice, this series is structured in
a less intensive way. Just to listen to the classes will be beneficial in itself.

With that said, you will receive a weekly practice. And since the basis for the transformation offered to us
on the Yogini path is direct experience, the more you can practice/make practical, the deeper insights you will
have into this path. For some that will mean 10 minutes a day, for others it is 40 minutes or more.



chameliflowerbeach “My passion and mission is to gather women with the timeless Yogini Circle. I am traveling and meeting with women in many different countries. We are also meeting online in Sadhana intensives, and when I am home in Northern California I practice myself in the Women’s Temple. This circle is my satguru, it is my home, it is my sisters, it is my mother and it is my most important teacher.

A Yogini is a word used to describe a feminine spiritual practitioner. The practices we explore in the Yogini circle challenge us to move fluently between the esoteric and the highly practical realms. We are asked to question the concept of a split between spirit and body, between the holy and the mundane. Where is the red dotted line?

The Yogini circle is the bridge across the tormenting schism between spirit and our aching humanness. It rips away the fog, the dusty old concepts, the plastic spiritual food, and invites us to feast at the table with the Goddess herself. Why would I settle for anything less than that, when she is RIGHT HERE. Only a breath away. Not even.

The circle has birthed me into real womanhood, it has given me infinite roots in all directions. I have surrendered into the flow of giving and receiving, giving and receiving, and in that flow I have had a taste of real sisterhood. Trust. Strong, brave, clear, beauty.

The circle reminds me to dance, to shake, to howl. I am ripped open, I am recognized, I am awakened. It stretches me, massages me, slaps me, tickles me, nurses me, pushes me, and it holds me tight, tight through it all.

The circle has swallowed me, chewed me, digested me, composted me, and spit me out. Re-born, helplessly in love.

The focus of the practices are embodied awakening, embodied love, to be an instrument of awakening in this world.

For real”.

~ Chameli Ardagh