We sat in circle by the shore of the sacred Yuba river as Cynthia unwrapped the Earth Vase. It was a Monday in late October and my dharma sisters — Maleda, Clare, Vera and Cynthia — and I were gathered for ceremony.

There was an eerie light, a warmth surrounding us as we listened to the deep current that guided us.

What had brought us together? What was our assignment?

Together, we filled the Earth Vase with prayers and sacred offerings that symbolized our vision. Cynthia shared that after the last Gaia Sadhana, it had become clear that this Earth Vase would be ceremonially buried in Delphi, the original place of Gaia’s Oracle. Let’s keep listening, Cynthia said as we closed our circle, asking for guidance for the next steps of the Earth Vase ritual.

A few months later, right before the outbreak of coronavirus reached global awareness, I woke up and knew that our spring sadhana would not be with Aphrodite as we had planned. Gaia was calling. The Earth Vase was calling. Our next sadhana was birthed: Becoming Gaia’s Oracle. It was time for the women to gather and retrieve the original instructions; to reclaim the direct channels of communication with Gaia; to revive the lineage of Gaia’s priestesses.

Now, as we face this never-before-seen global crisis, it gives me shivers all over to feel how clearly Gaia is guiding us, calling us to our seat, to pray for the healing and awakening of all, to ask Gaia for guidance.

During the Becoming Gaia’s Oracle Sadhana, we will take part in the next step of the Earth Vase ritual: blessing and pouring prayers into this sacred vessel that Cynthia will bury in Delphi to mark the end of the time of patriarchal ownership of the oracle, and the rebirth of the circle of Gaia’s priestesses.

Many of you know Cynthia from our Yogini Sadhana group, but in case you don’t know her, here is more about her and her incredible mission:

In 1990 Cynthia undertook a pilgrimage that transformed her life, when she met a 106 year-old Sherpa lama living in a cave high in the Himalayas. When she asked the old wise man, Charok Rinpoche, ‘What can we do to bring healing and protection to the Earth?’ he instructed her in the practice of the Earth Treasure Vases – a practice dedicated to bringing healing and protection to the Earth by filling consecrated clay vessels with prayers and offerings and burying them in places of need around the world. She was given 30 of these consecrated clay vessels and told to fill them with offerings and prayers, to take them to places in need of healing and bury them according to tradition. (from earthtreasurevase.org)

With Love,

P.S. A few days ago indigenous leaders from all over the world gathered for ceremony and sharing of wisdom, and we were all invited to join. This was such a rare opportunity and blessing. You can watch it here.