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Welcome to the Awakening Women online boutique

We are here to provide you with tools and inspiration to bring awakening into an embodied and tangible expression of love in the world. Yes, nothing less than that.

We have practiced and explored feminine spiritual awakening for many decades, and we have supported thousands of awakening women to step into greater brilliance, join us ~ you don’t have to do it alone!

Self-Study Sadhana

In each of our 21 Day Sadhana Immersions, you will enter a deep exploration of a Goddess, and through her mythology and practices you will awaken and integrate in you the powers and gifts she embodies. The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings, you can participate from your own home, start any time.


Durga Sadhana
Saraswati Sadhana 
Lalita Devi Sadhana

Kali Ma Sadhana

Mary Magdalene

Lakshmi Sadhana

Our eBooks

Englishmanualfront-3ds  Embodying the Feminine
Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group
 Embodying the Feminine
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