Divine Mother

The Practice of Peace

21 Day Sadhana
with Chameli Ardagh   

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I am here.
I am the peace you are waiting for.
I am the cosmic power in your own being.
I am your deepest nature,
Luminous wisdom weaving all things.

I am calling. I know you hear me,
and yet you turn and look away from me,
forgetting I am the inside of the inside of all beings,
of all things, of all action, of all words.

I am so close; even closer than close.
Lean back into my embrace, all the way into me.
Through you I will birth my Peace into this aching world.

Yes, you, beloved,
come closer.

Wisdom teachings from all traditions point to Unconditional Love and Compassion as the most powerful medicine in the world.  The Divine Mother mirrors to us that this treasure is found in our very own being. In practicing with Her, we enter vulnerability as a portal to a deeper power. We learn to see through our habits of division and projection and let Her guide us all the way into the unfathomable strength of the undivided heart.

When we look at the extreme war and violence in the world today, it may seem as if war is something happening “out there”, something we cannot understand. It feels foreign, removed from ourselves, and thus outside of our power to change.

In our Sadhanaour practice of peace—we will explore how we have the power to end war and restore peace when we look deeper than the appearance of violence “out there”, deeper than the dual view of “us against them”.

As we bring into consciousness the ways we live in warfare within our own thoughts and bodies, within our surroundings and our relationships, we can offer it all into the alchemy of the Divine Mother Shakti. Our guidance and maps are rooted in ancient mythology and the many names and forms of the Divine Mother: Maha Devi, Kwan Yin, Tara, Mother Mary, and Prajnaparamita.

Along with our inner yoga of restoring peace in our lives, we will also commit to daily prayer. Fiercely and steadily, we will pray for peace. Weaving together the prayers of hundreds of women in different geographical locations and time zones, we will create a continuous vibration wrapping around the earth—around the universe—birthing into the world an unwavering commitment to the medicine of the Divine Mother.

The ripples of spiritual practice and prayer touch and influence EVERYTHING and EVERYONE: human hearts and ocean creatures; the stars and the trees; generations behind us and generations to come. We are all creating and being created by each other.

Divine Mother, give me roots within your luminous heart; 
let my mind and imagination soar in the vastness that you are;
 let my words and actions emanate your Peace.
Mother, wrap your arms of compassion around me
and pull me all the way
into you.

We are Gaia’s daughters. Our bodies are her oracle.

The organic process we call “my body” is pure creative intelligence; we are made of the very same momentum that composts and gives birth, that beats our hearts and balances entire ecosystems in unfathomable perfection. Just as a seed doesn’t need to be taught how to become a tree, a fruit, or a flower, so does your body carry the imprint of how to live rooted in an inherent belonging; how to be a human in a world of diversity living fully awake to the union that breathes us all.

At this precarious time when we are facing the consequences of our ways and hear the urgent call to protect the planet, we will inevitably keep recreating more harm—no matter how clever the solutions we come up with—unless we address the root sickness: our separation from the Mother.

As long as we see earth as something other than ourselves, we forget that Gaia herself is conscious and intelligent, carrying the instructions we need for restoration and healing, for creating a human presence here on earth in service to all life.

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time..


“I have a deeper sense of belonging, stewardship, and devotion to the shimmering, sacred web of life”

I find no language for so much of what has transpired within me during sadhana. It will take time to integrate… I have a deeper sense of belonging, stewardship, and devotion to the shimmering, sacred web of life. I have a more keen understanding of discerning what is relevant and what is not. My heart has cracked wide open. For me, it feels as though sadhana has just begun… Forehead to the floor. I bow.

Heather Rhodes
Founder of Studio Petronella

“What a delightful and deeply insightful retreat. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.”

This was my first Sadhana with Chameli. What a delightful and deeply insightful retreat. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thank you for the invitation to stay raw with the sensation of feelings. I am just unthawing and it has been painful…I am learning to welcome this process with curiosity and compassion. Infinite Blessings.

Diane S. Merpaw
Intentional Creativity Teacher

“I see these intentions and actions rippling out and influencing everything.”

I feel a strong desire and ache to live in a world where what we have begun to share these last 21 days is our everyday norm…  So much love and wisdom has been poured into this Sadhana, thank you! I see these intentions and actions rippling out and influencing everything. Thank you to all my sisters, your presence and love has touched me deeply.

Trish Herrmann
Founder of WomenSoulTrekking

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time..




What is Shakti Sadhana?

Sadhana means spiritual practice.
Shakti is a name for the feminine creative life force of the universe.

Shakti Sadhana is embodied spiritual practice, where the Goddess is the portal to awakening. ​​​​​​​ In this practice, you consciously engage with both your inner and outer life, your darkness and your light, essentially seeing all of it as part of the unfathomable wholeness you are made of.

Shakti Sadhana is not a seclusive spiritual practice; it is a path that permeates every aspect of our lives. In the Shakti view, we don’t relate to spirit as separate from matter, but as different expressions of the same totality.

The Yogini circle​​​​​​​ is a circle of conscious women coming together with a shared intention of embodied awakening. Our online 21 day sadhana immersions are gatherings of several hundred women from all over the planet. Together, we co-create a resonant field of Shakti, which provides each of us with a powerful transmission of awakening.

What will I learn in a 21 Day Sadhana?

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Women’s Wisdom tradition is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus our practice in sadhana is not toward a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent within each woman.

In ancient Goddess mythology, we find maps supporting us in this awakening process, and you will be initiated into practices from this alive lineage of women’s embodied spirituality that Chameli and the Awakening Women community have explored intensively together for more than 15 years.

Will I have the time to do sadhana in the midst of a busy life?

You participate as much as is possible for you. To do some practice is better than no practice, and many of the practices are done in the midst of your life, as it is for you.

Once you enter the sadhana, you enter a mandala of Shakti, of transformation. The practices and teachings will, independent of how much you “do”, unfold in unexpected ways.

Who is it for?

If you long to root yourself in a deeper truth, to live awakening in your daily life, to embody Shakti—the divine creative power—more fully, then this sadhana is for you. We will go deep. We meet in a shared dedication to living awake.

If you feel called, with a sense of YES inside…then claim your seat in the circle.

And no, you don’t need to have any previous experience with these teachings. Our focus in the feminine embodiment practice is on direct experience.

YOUR experience is the authority. Always.

“I experience a profound level of trust and commitment amongst my sisters that is unlike any other circle.”

With each sadhana, I experience a profound level of trust and commitment amongst my sisters that is unlike any other circle. I’m carried into an ancient yet familiar heart wisdom that cracks open a river of love within me and flowers the depth of my creative force in the world.

Flora Aube
Founder of Art of Allowing Academy

“Chameli is a vibrant flower with a sweet aroma that fills me with happiness…her voice, wisdom, presence is pure nectar.”

Being invited into the sacred circle where hundreds of awakening women held a seat for me was deeply moving. I was welcomed with open arms, and drank from the elixir of sisterhood’s love and beauty. This connection infused my practice of exquisite self care with grace and inspiration. Chameli is a vibrant flower with a sweet aroma that fills me with happiness…her voice, wisdom, presence is pure nectar.

Shakaya Leone
Author of “Naked Beauty”

“Chameli Ardagh is masterful at illuminating the ancient Goddess teachings.”

Many of us are inspired by spiritual teachings but to actually embody them, in a daily practice of breathing them in and sweating them out, is a radically different proposition. Chameli Ardagh is masterful at illuminating the ancient Goddess teachings in a way that is supremely tangible for modern women, without sacrificing their depth, creating a kind of frequency that sparks awakening.

Lisa Schrader
Founder of Awakening Shakti

The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings,
you can participate from your own home, start any time..


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Chameli Ardagh

Founder of Awakening Women

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. Through her love of ancient wisdom teachings and decades of practice in yogini circles all over the world, she has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and relevant for women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.