The Living Goddess

21 Day Sadhana
with Chameli Gad Ardagh

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I walk in my dignity
my gaze rooted in galaxies
I am carried by mountains
my feet wet in Her.

She is
clear as water
a flawless mirror
the sparkling roots of totality.

Not coming. Not going.
Not past. Not future.
Not up or down, in or out.
Not here. Not there.
Not before. Not after.

Through the rain I hear Her whisper:
steady your aim,
keep your eyes on me;
it is time to stop
outsourcing the holy.

We call upon the circle of wisdom keepers, the guardians of goddess mysteries here on Earth.

At this precarious moment on the planet, as collective wounds are emerging to the surface and outdated structures are crumbling; as it feels we are being torn apart from each other, estranged from the Great Mother, exiled from home in body and Earth—we enter sadhana, spiritual practice, to reclaim our origins: that living, breathing, root relationship with the One Who Breathes us.

For the benefit of all.

Goddess is not an elusive memory of perfection; she is not a future state only the chosen few will reach. She expresses herself through religious symbols and myths; through art, language and sacred sites—yes, even through the human—​​​​​​​yet she is not confined by any of these forms.

The living Goddess is an intimacy pulsating in the depth of your longing. She is the rotting of leaves in the autumn and the voice that whispers the truth. She is grief and rage, wetness in water, heat in fire. She shakes you when you compromise and beats your heart fast when you risk. She takes all forms, constantly changing, deeply caring and utterly free.

In Goddess Sadhana, you will enter into a living, breathing ritual, where mythology, prayer and spiritual practices are explored as embodied portals of awakening. Practicing from home, you will weave your insights and awakening into daily life, restoring a trust and confidence in the vast resources and support from this achingly beautiful Earth, always available to you.

Welcome to this Rite of Passage.

The ancestors and our children’s children,
the lovers and the thieves,
the animal kingdom and the plant spirits,
the mountains and the rivers,
the whole universe eagerly awaits
the inauguration of Her temple in your heart.

We have saved a seat for you…


The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings.
You will also have access to our online platform where you can access all of the content at your convenience.

“I feel so empowered being part of this circle, thank you for your loving blessings.”

I have grown up scared of women. I never imagined being with a group of women for 21 days, being vulnerable and soft, and here we are. The practices and meditations of this sadhana melted the barriers around my heart.

 I am abundantly grateful for this loving and benevolent circle of sisterhood. I feel like I am rebirthing. Thank you all for helping my process with this fierce feminine fire that is burning away all that no longer serves.

Richa Badami
Transformation Guide

In this Sadhana you will…

…retrieve an intimacy with the One who Breathes you…

…come into a deeper reverence and honoring of the unique thread that you are in the vast web of life…

…center your connection to Goddess in your day to day living, as the very source that feeds everything else…

…explore a spiritual path that not only embraces your life but is your life—not the elusive perfect version of it, but just as it is…

…land more fully in your life and remember wonder again…

…engage with simple, doable practices and rituals that easily integrate with your daily life—no matter how spacious or full it is—to light you up, soothe and tickle you, awakening deeper meaning in your life.

There are no unrealistic standards of perfection here;
in Goddess Sadhana you do as much or as little that works for you. This is a spiritual path that not only embraces your life but is your life—not the elusive perfect version of it, but just as it is.

With the support of potent daily guidance, short and to the point, we will embrace the exiled and unconscious parts of our own self, and by doing our inner work we weave back into wholeness the tattered tapestry of our broken world. For the benefit of all.



What is Shakti Sadhana?

Sadhana means spiritual practice.
Shakti is a Sanskrit name for the feminine creative life force of the universe.

Shakti Sadhana is embodied spiritual practice, where the Goddess is the portal to awakening. In this practice, you consciously engage with both your inner and outer life, your darkness and your light, essentially seeing all of it as part of the unfathomable wholeness you are made of.

Shakti Sadhana is not a seclusive spiritual practice; it is a path that permeates every aspect of our lives.

The Yogini Circle​​​​​​​ is a timeless field of wisdom. Our online 21 Day Sadhana immersions are gatherings of  women from all over the planet, when we come together with a shared intention of awakening, the power of the circle is activated, providing each of us with a powerful transmission of guidance and empowerment.

What will I learn in a 21 Day Sadhana?

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Living Goddess path  is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus our practice in sadhana is not toward a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent within each woman.

In ancient Goddess mythology, we find maps supporting us in this awakening process, and you will be initiated into practices from this alive lineage of women’s embodied spirituality that Chameli and the Awakening Women community are dedicated to.

Will I have the time to do sadhana in the midst of a busy life?

You participate as much as is possible for you. To do some practice is better than no practice, and many of the practices are done in the midst of your life, as it is for you.

Once you enter the sadhana, you enter a mandala of Shakti, of transformation. The practices and teachings will, independent of how much you “do”, unfold in unexpected ways.

How does it work?

For 21 days you will receive an email with a practice, poem or short sutra of awakening. You will also be given access to our online platform we you can access the daily content at your convenience.

Who is it for?
If you long to root yourself in a deeper truth, to live awakening in your daily life, to embody Shakti—the divine creative power—more fully, then this sadhana is for you. We do go deep; we do embrace both shadow and light as aspects of Goddess. We meet in a shared dedication to living awake.

If you feel called, a pull, a sense of YES inside…then claim your seat in the circle.

All levels of experience are welcome. Our focus in embodied spirituality is on direct experience.

YOUR experience is the authority. Always.


The teachings will be delivered in e-mails and audio recordings.
You will also have access to our online platform where you can access all of the content at your convenience.

“I have a deeper sense of belonging, stewardship, and devotion to the shimmering, sacred web of life”

I find no language for so much of what has transpired within me during sadhana. It will take time to integrate… I have a deeper sense of belonging, stewardship, and devotion to the shimmering, sacred web of life. I have a more keen understanding of discerning what is relevant and what is not. My heart has cracked wide open. For me, it feels as though sadhana has just begun… Forehead to the floor. I bow.

Heather Rhodes
Founder of Studio Petronella

“What a delightful and deeply insightful retreat. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.”

This was my first Sadhana with Chameli. What a delightful and deeply insightful retreat. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thank you for the invitation to stay raw with the sensation of feelings. I am just unthawing and it has been painful…I am learning to welcome this process with curiosity and compassion. Infinite Blessings.

Diane S. Merpaw
Intentional Creativity Teacher

“I see these intentions and actions rippling out and influencing everything.”

I feel a strong desire and ache to live in a world where what we have begun to share these last 21 days is our everyday norm…  So much love and wisdom has been poured into this Sadhana, thank you! I see these intentions and actions rippling out and influencing everything. Thank you to all my sisters, your presence and love has touched me deeply.

Trish Herrmann
Founder of WomenSoulTrekking

Practical Information


What is included?

:: Daily practices and/or short awakening poems into your email inbox.

:: Access to an online closed Facebook group where you can connect with women from all over the world, practicing just like you. This is an already established and cherished online sanctuary, which will also be there for you after the 21 days are over. ​​​​​​​

:: Recordings of all 3  Retreats (also available to download as MP3)


What happens after I join?

:: On the checkout page, you will create an account to get access to our online portal, where you can start your sadhana at any time.

Due to recent changes in email deliverability and spam controls on most email management systems, we cannot guarantee that emails will be delivered daily. All daily practices will be available to you in the morning inside our online portal.

After the 21 days are over you can go back ay any time to continue your practices.

If you need support, please email us.

Your Guide

Chameli Gad Ardagh

Founder of Awakening Women &
The Women’s Wisdom School

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a story teller and women’s wisdom keeper. Her love of ancient wisdom teachings and her own practice in women’s circles all over the world has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.

Giving back

We honor the invaluable gift and responsibility it is to share and practice these sacred teachings from India, and as a way of honoring the circle of reciprocity, we share a portion of the financial gains with the Fearless Collective, Ramana's Garden and Dr. Vandana Shiva in India, as well as to Pachamama Alliance and CHIRP.