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14 Gaia Movies

Our favorite movies about our connection to Mother Earth.

All Experiences Come and Go (video)

In this video, Chameli explores how we stay stuck in seeking when we make our freedom dependent on a certain experience.

Waking Up from the Trance of White Privilege

Here is an uncooked report from the messy process of a liberal, spiritual, all-about-love woman, waking up from the trance of white supremacy. And also a heartful recommendation.

The Fierce Face of the Feminine

A TEDx talk on the importance of the fierce feminine, by Chameli.

Jay Mukta Devi ~ Goddess of Liberation!

The recent events were placed in the historical context of systemic anti-Asian racism not only in the U.S. but also in Europe.

Anti-Racism Resources

Here is a list of resources that we recommend to continue educating ourselves about racism, white privilege and how we can make a difference.

The Heart Meditation (audio)

A guided meditation that cultivates compassion and the capacity to allow feelings to flow through without them getting stuck.

Freedom is Always Here (video)

In this video, Chameli speaks about how we can establish a relationship to our experiences that brings freedom instead of entanglement.

We Have Prepared for These Times

Learn how to meet the challenging times and events in the world by consciously connecting into ever-present source of nourishment and creativity. We can stay awake and available while also feeling deeply.

24 Steps to Align with your Love for Earth

24 Steps to Align with your Love for Earth

Here is a list of practical steps you can take towards loving and honoring Gaia. We recommend picking one or two areas to focus on. Root yourself in the Yoga of Sufficiency; focus on what you can do. Remember that this is a practice of abundance, positive action and LOVE.

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