:: Practice ~ Gaia Mantra

Oh Mother Earth, mandala of life, may the fruit of your spiritual powers be realized!

You can sing or chant it 3 times, 9 times,
or maybe you want to go for the whole 108 times.

As you chant the mantra out loud or silently,
let a softening happen inside, as if you would fall back inside yourself.
Feel the mantra like a thread that you hold onto no matter what.
When you repeatedly “yoke” yourself to the mantra,
it becomes like a tuning fork inside your energetic body.

It may be easier at first to close your eyes, but when you get a feeling for it,
you can experiment with hanging onto the mantra thread with eyes open as well,
and even when you are in the midst of activity. Whenever you find yourself spinning in “spaghetti mind,” 
grab the thread of the mantra, and see how quickly
the very same energy that caught you in loops now brings you into deeper connection.


Sung by Sonja Myllymaki


:: Summoned by the Earth ~ Interview with Cynthia Jurs

Guest teacher Cynthia Jurs shares about:

– how she was summoned by the Earth and received the assignment of the Earth Vase
– the Earth Vases: how they work, their intention and significance
– the process of following inner guidance and listening for our assignment
– the sense of urgency we feel in protecting Gaia and how we can act from a deeper place
– recognizing the Earth as the embodiment of the 3 jewels: the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
– direct transmission and loyalty to lineage
– how the Gaia mantra emerged

:: About our Earth Vase Blessing Ceremony

Our guest teacher Cynthia Jurs has taken on the assignment to bury an Earth Vase
by Gaia’s Oracle in Delphi. In our final Sadhana retreat on May 2, we will do a ceremony together on Zoom, where we will offer our prayers and intentions into the Earth Vase as a community.

Cynthia has asked that you gather together some small items to be offered to Gaia, to carry the prayers from the circle to Her. During our ceremony together, we will symbolically offer them into the Earth Vase that will be buried in Delphi. After the ceremony, you will be invited to bury these items into Earth where you ar

Learn more about Cynthia Jurs and our guest teachers here.