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Can feminine spiritual practice change the way we work?

    There is a soft glowing buzz behind the scenes here at AWI, as we are preparing for sadhana start tomorrow. It is a deeply moving experience to feel the energy of so many awakening women gathering together again and again, so much gratitude is here, for all the women who take a stand for [Read More…]

Infinite Enlightening

Progress is only possible through longing. And as the path of progress is infinite, there should be infinite longing. Thus longing becomes itself a form of the infinite, to be desired for its own sake. This is why the mystics idealize longing. The other name for longing is love. Irina Tweedie What a wild ride [Read More…]

Are you allowing yourself to be supported?

In my Yoga class this morning I found my self  leaning my legs up towards the wall, a blanket was rolled up underneath my thighs. I had two pillows supporting both my wrists, and one under my head. Oh, and did I mention the warm soft blanket hugging my whole body? This was the point [Read More…]

Durga- the Tiger Riding Goddess

Feminine empowerment is not found in the cunning navigation through the all too familiar playing fields of the power games, it is found in the forgotten depths of that which truly matters to us.

Feeling All the Way to God

I have been in sorrow’s kitchen and licked all the pots. Then I have stood on the peaky mountain wrapped in rainbows, with a harp and sword in my hand. Zora Neale Hurston Most people are surprised when I talk about being with feelings as a spiritual practice. How can our feelings, which so often [Read More…]

About Commitment, Passion & the Masterpiece

My passion, my mission if you will, is to inspire women to reconnect with the magnificent power, wisdom and joy of the feminine. This is my work and in my view I have created the most incredible work for myself. It is of course not perfect for everyone but for me its the best work [Read More…]

how do we bear the unbearable?

Some times it is tempting to just numb out isn’t? Sometimes it can feel too overwhelming this thing called life. Especially life lived through an awake feminine body…aaaaghh. I feel things so deeply, I always have. I guess I just had to bring practice to my stormy inner world, to stay sane. So here I [Read More…]

I’ve become an arms-in-the-air-forehead-to-the-ground-cult member

I’ve become a cult member of the Earth Church (aka the Farmers Market) Church meeting is a blast in the not-too-hot-yet morning sun, lots of hugs from the other devotees, a massage (yes for real! and finally my soul arrived home in California too, the body has been here a week already), latte, local olive [Read More…]

Your Feminine Leadership Instrument

I wanted to share with you this little practice that I love and that I use a lot when I am on the road You can do this practice sitting down, standing up, I love to do it while walking. Your Feminine Leadership Instrument Earth Breathing – Imagine a point a few feet inside the [Read More…]

When you give up your joy, you give up your power

You have heard me before, raving about my  women’s temple group here in Nevada City. Yesterday it was Monday, and Monday night is Temple night. I don’t know how it happened but all of the sudden we were taken over by a powerful divine force. It did not happen while meditating, or while praying, it [Read More…]

Where do you find your worth?

In these days of “get- your- dream- sports- car- using- the- law- of- Attraction” and “I-do-it-my-way” , the Deep Feminine is calling us to sincerely investigate what is true wealth. What is success? Lakshmi is a Goddess of prosperity, she has 108 names, and each name represent a different aspect of wealth.  She has names [Read More…]

I am in. With both feet.

  I used to think of commitment as limitation, that if I chose one thing then I would miss out on other options. Especially in relationship. If I would choose one man then I will miss out on other men. We hear it all the time: commitment and freedom are polarities, they are opposites. In [Read More…]

To live with nothing to hide

We all know the feeling we get in our bodies when we are compromising something truly important to us. The body always lets us know, even when the mind is in denial. We shrink in on ourselves…more specifically we can feel it in our solar plexus and we cannot, in all honesty and integrity, meet the world [Read More…]

Why I celebrate the International Women's day

In Norway where I grew up March 8th was a big day. We marched in parades through the city, we dressed up in nice clothes, we said congratulation! In Norway women have as close to equal rights as it gets at this time on our planet, so one could easily say, “whats the big deal”, [Read More…]

The Power of Longing

(image from If I asked you what area of your life is not really fulfilling for you, what area of your life is most compromised or lacking, I will guess that 90% of you will answer “intimate relationship.” This does not mean to imply that we all have dysfunctional relationships or that we are [Read More…]

Every Day Enlightenment

A while back I heard of a Buddhist center in America where they have a practice to stop what they were doing every time the phone was ringing, not to rush to pick it up, but to do their breathing practice: Breathing in calmness- Breathing out calmness At our office at Awakening Women Institute we [Read More…]

New pathways overflowing with lush greens and fragrant roses

Many of us are using this time of the year as a time to reconsider habits that no longer serve us. Eating habits, exercise habits (or lack of them), mental patterns or relationship habits. Our brain is an amazing tool; it monitors and adjusts so that the energy we have, is spent in the most [Read More…]

the end of the 4 week cleanse

So I did it! 4 weeks herbal cleanse including one week Fasting (!!). Wow. What a journey it has been. It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you who also have been inspired to ADD more vibrant foods into your diet. I say add, because this has been the main key to [Read More…]

Awakening Women Global Sisterhood Manifesto

  The relationship we have to other women reflects the relationship we have to our own feminine essence. We take a stand for a new way of being women together on this planet. Together we can heal and transform the old ways of competition and gossiping, and return to a relationship of celebration and empowerment. [Read More…]


We have been meeting in the Women’s Temple every Monday for more than eight years now. It is still my main spiritual practice and  my satguru. In the beginning of this year, we initiated many new women into the temple and we decided to all reclaim our beginners mind. So we went back to our [Read More…]