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You dont have to do it alone

I just came back to our Awakening Women Temple Office after another inspiring meeting with my Goddess Wealth Mastery group. We are a group of powerful women, meeting once a month to support each other and stretch  each other to live and share as big as we can. I love this group, they are my [Read More…]

Feminine Leadership is not defined by your job ~ it is who you are…

We are in the exciting planning phase for our new leadership program for Awakening Women, Sweden, and in this process I am again and again faced with the question what is leadership exactly? This word is usually associated with people who are in leading positions in a company/organization, or who have their own company. At Awakening [Read More…]

four daily kisses to my dreams

the first kiss I blow today is… starting the day with prayers of gratitude the second is… visiting the forest behind my house, even if its raining third kiss to my dreams is… writing a page on my new book and the forth kiss is deep and passionate and secret… What four kisses will you [Read More…]

Awakening Feminine Power


My Extended Brain

First Friday if each month I meet with 5 women in a cafe in town for two hours. We are all women  on the feminine awakening journey and we all have our own business. When I meet with them I tap into my extended brain. I have 20 minutes to brainstorm about an issue. It [Read More…]