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Are you allowing yourself to be supported?

In my Yoga class this morning I found my self  leaning my legs up towards the wall, a blanket was rolled up underneath my thighs. I had two pillows supporting both my wrists, and one under my head. Oh, and did I mention the warm soft blanket hugging my whole body? This was the point [Read More…]

I’ve become an arms-in-the-air-forehead-to-the-ground-cult member

I’ve become a cult member of the Earth Church (aka the Farmers Market) Church meeting is a blast in the not-too-hot-yet morning sun, lots of hugs from the other devotees, a massage (yes for real! and finally my soul arrived home in California too, the body has been here a week already), latte, local olive [Read More…]

Where do you find your worth?

In these days of “get- your- dream- sports- car- using- the- law- of- Attraction” and “I-do-it-my-way” , the Deep Feminine is calling us to sincerely investigate what is true wealth. What is success? Lakshmi is a Goddess of prosperity, she has 108 names, and each name represent a different aspect of wealth.  She has names [Read More…]

Touch My Heart and My Body Opens

By Lisa Schrader Our breasts are the gateway to our heart. How do they want to be loved? As women, we are energetically positive at the heart chakra and negative in the sex chakra. It means we often need to be touched and “meet” at the heart—both emotionally and physically—before the energy can drop into [Read More…]


We have been meeting in the Women’s Temple every Monday for more than eight years now. It is still my main spiritual practice and  my satguru. In the beginning of this year, we initiated many new women into the temple and we decided to all reclaim our beginners mind. So we went back to our [Read More…]

I am cleansing!

For the last months my body has been in cleansing mode. It is an amazing journey to be participating in. For a long time it just felt so easy, then I hit some days when I was attacked by craving, cravings for all kinds of things. Foods I don’t even like very much. I was [Read More…]

A Feminine Practice For You

Eyes open and soft. Breathe in to your heart and down to the belly. Breathe out up the spine. Smile. Let the smile spread out through your whole body. Let your smile spread out from your body into the space around you. Notice the quality of you in the space, meeting space, merging in space. [Read More…]

The Women's Temple group

For the balanced feminine to blossom it is helpful, and in our experience crucial, to create and sustain women’s circles that truly nourish us in the deepest sense. Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, circles like this connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self-images. [Read More…]

An Inner Leadership Practice

I am packing this morning, and I am  soon off for the airport again. This time I am going to Germany. It takes extra practice to stay balanced during traveling and intense teaching schedule. Below is one of my favorite feminine leadership practices: Dropping the awareness down into the pelvic floor Dropping even deeper down, [Read More…]

I love My Body

Did you know that we are launching a 30 days of wellness celebration TOMORROW! For the 331 goddesses who have signed up until now we will have daily inspiration and tips for cleansing and body love! It is all happening on Face Book, it is free and you are welcome to join! Just sign into [Read More…]

Awakening the Feminine Body

  Imagine for a moment that you could see the earth from the outside, that you were in outer space, and could look at the earth. And imagine that you had super powers, so that your eyesight is exceptional. You can not only see the earth but that you can also see all the life [Read More…]

Our body is our best friend

I wanted to share with you this article by Sariah Mikaels ( I have on my office wall a bit of prose written by an anonymous author. It goes like this: Listening to your heart, finding out who you are, is simple, but not often easy. It takes time for the chatter to quiet down. [Read More…]

Dance as if you are already drenched in it!

Here is a a beautiful article from Liana and Feminine Practice Rain Dancing for Love What would happen if you chose to enter into a rain dance? Rain dances are a spiritual practice embraced by the indigenous people of this lovely little blue planet. The truth of a rain dance lies in its yearning [Read More…]

Finally a usefull Facebook "gift"

If you are on Face book, you have probably had the annoying experience of receiving different “gifts ” from people, and when you click on them you realize the gift is an image of a plant or a mandala or an Indian guru, and that you are supposed to send them on, and then…..what? Luckily [Read More…]

Can hanging out with women reduce stress?

Life is always full of ups and downs, we will always be called upon to meet the unknown, and our capacity to do that gracefully is to a great degree ruled by the level of stress in our bodies. In our studies at the Awakening Women Institute we encourage women to seek the support from [Read More…]

What Make Women Truly Happy?

At the end of our recently completed Women’s Temple Group Training , it was so amazing to see the glow, the softness, the zest that emanated from the women. When women are happy, content and deeply nourished they have so much love and wisdom and humor to share with their family, their partner, with the [Read More…]

four daily kisses to my dreams

the first kiss I blow today is… starting the day with prayers of gratitude the second is… visiting the forest behind my house, even if its raining third kiss to my dreams is… writing a page on my new book and the forth kiss is deep and passionate and secret… What four kisses will you [Read More…]

Where is the healthy airport food?

I am wandering the corridores of Chicago airport, trying to listen to my body aswell as honoring my body… an easy task? NO! My body is hungry, AND my body wants delisious sensous goddess food. My body is in Chicago airport foodcourt(!), greecy …asian?, sandwiches throwned together with hate and carelessness…, bear.. . two days [Read More…]