Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ Practices and Guidelines

65 pages, eBook in PDF format  |  Thousands of copies sold worldwide


In this manual, you will find the ABC’s of how to create your own Temple Group. 
You will receive both practical tools and wisdom from experience laid out step-by-step by Chameli Ardagh, founder and director of Awakening Women, and Helena Montelius, founder of Look Within Institute.

You will receive guidelines for creating a conscious women’s culture where women meet for an embodied exploration of feminine spirituality. These practices are designed by women for women; they are a method of spiritual practice that embraces and enhances our feminine nature, instead of asking us to transcend or deny it. In embracing our feminine nature, we are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in the world.


In this manual, you will learn:

  • Helpful tips for structuring your temple group
  • How to create a strong foundation of leadership
  • How to hold sacred space
  • How to practice with feelings
  • Why we use respectful touch in temple
  • How to navigate tension and judgments that may arise in temple
  • How to structure any talking in the group to maintain depth and sacredness
  • How to invite new women to your temple group 
  • How to introduce temple practices to new women


You will receive:

  • In-depth guidelines for leading temple
  • A detailed menu of 20 temple evenings described from start to finish
  • A list of feminine inquiry practices
  • A sample letter for inviting women to temple
  • A list of music fit for different temple themes


Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ Practices and Guidelines

65 pages, eBook in PDF format | Thousands of copies sold worldwide



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