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The Awakening Women Way

n76453659145_1734268_2948406Do you want to make a difference in you community and in the world, without having to compromise your health, relationships and connection to your inner world?

The Awakening Women Way is an invitation to show up in your life as a compassionate and powerful leader, fully honoring your feminine beauty, wisdom and strength.

The Awakening Women Way is to take a stand for a new and healthy way of strengthen each other as women, which is based on celebration, empowerment and trust.

Awakening the feminine way is an awakening of the body and its wisdom, awakening of feelings, of creativity and vision, as well as a spiritual awakening.

Our programs includes training, seminars, and a network of on going women’s groups. Practical tools to use in your daily life, and the unique support from a global community of dedicated women.

Our new fall program us up!