The Beloved Meditation

This is a 30 minute guided inner journey into the essence of love. Lay down on your back and make sure you will be undisturbed for the duration of the practice.
(Do not listen to it while driving.)

You will first be guided into a deep relaxation and then invited to visualize the Beloved of your heart and dialogue with him or her. You may visualize your Beloved as your partner or an ex-partner, as someone you have only seen in pictures, or perhaps someone you have never seen before at all.

Stay open to how the journey unfolds for you. Remember that whatever you meet is your own consciousness. Pay close attention: insights and transformation come in many forms, sometimes even as resistance, cynicism or sleep.
Breathe and allow for any feelings to arise and practice following the energy of the feelings into deeper layers of Being, instead of feeding on the stories that keep you trapped.

Stay open and curious.

I am usually the one guiding you in these audio meditations, but this time I chose a recording by my husband, Arjuna. I trust Parvati finds it fitting as well.