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The return of the Goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego


There is a lot of talk about feminine awakening and empowerment these days, and one of the pitfalls I see playing itself out in the collective right now, is that the old paradigm of competition and greed, of “more-for-me” has learned to mimic the deep feminine.

With that I mean that there is a danger that we use the language and the imagery of the feminine to feed the old patterns of ambition and endless improvement. Now we are not only being told that we should be better and smarter and richer, we should also “find our inner Goddess”, get our “tantra on”, be more radiant,  we should “do” the feminine perfectly.

The return of the Goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego. The essence of Her teaching is to slowly–or abruptly–restore a humbleness towards the totality of Her manifestation. We learn to embrace the paradox of life in which both the light and the dark are fully welcomed as intrinsic dimensions of life, of who we are.

The feminine embodiment practices offer us the possibility to be instruments of the unfathomable healing power of the feminine. We can restore a balance and wholeness in our world. For that to happen, we have to break the trance that we have been living in for too long, and be willing to listen to a deeper voice from within.

This voice does not speak in loud and clever quick-fix concepts, it speaks in a language we may have forgotten. But when we hear it, we know it just as intimately as our own breath.

It is a deep sense of homecoming, and in this homecoming, we can be a home to others:
we can be a home to the world.

~ Chameli Ardagh

Photo: Bibbie Friman