The Awakening Women Global Sisterhood Manifesto


In our modern culture many feel isolated and uprooted from community and belonging. Some have also experienced the pain of giving away our power or trading in our uniqueness in order to belong.

We have experimented for more than 15 years with building a healthy, kind and awake women’s culture. We share a clear intention for why we come together and basic agreements of how we communicate and show up in our practice. These clear river banks create a safe and spacious container in which each woman can feel free, honored and celebrated in her unique expression.

We take a stand for a conscious way of being together: with respect, compassion and personal responsibility, being fully aware of, yet not run by the petty dramas that so many of us have painfully experienced among women. We also believe spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with social justice and care for mother earth and all beings here. We are committed to the dismantling of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and bigotry of all kinds. We hold ourselves to the Awakening Women Global Sisterhood Manifesto, a set of guidelines for our community.


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