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Touch My Heart and My Body Opens

By Lisa Schrader

Our breasts are the gateway to our heart. How do they want to be loved?
As women, we are energetically positive at the heart chakra and negative in the sex chakra. It means we often need to be touched and “meet” at the heart—both emotionally and physically—before the energy can drop into our womb and open us to deeper sexual expression.

If you’re looking to awaken more of your SHAKTI or sacred feminine life force, I invite you to develop a more unconditionally loving relationship with your breasts. Watch the thoughts you send to your breasts and cultivate appreciative ones. Hold your breasts with the intention of sending love and healing deep into the tissue. Talk to your breast and listen to what they have to say! What do they want? More touch? Just holding? Slower? Firmer? Give them what they long for through self loving and communicate this awareness to your partner if you have one.

As part of your lovemaking, do a 15 minute (minimum) ritual of sitting between your partner’s legs and leaning your back against his (or her) chest. Your partner will need to make sure that their back is well-supported to comfortably hold you both. Completely relax into their embrace. Ask your partner to simply hold your breasts without massaging or moving in anyway. After some time, you’ll notice your heart chakra opening and expanding. Tears may come and if they do, let them flow without talking. Your partner can support you by gently pulling your breasts apart. Eventually, you can invite in gentle and slow caressing.

When our breasts are touched with reverence, the feminine heart is honored and responds by naturally overflowing her love. With this practice, you can feel the energy melt down the body, opening your womb and awakening yoni. You may or may not feel like making love, that’s up to you; however, by working with your Shakti this way you prepare the way for your awesome sacred sexual power to flow as a blessing to you, to your partner and the world.

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Lisa Schrader has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1 as a teacher of sacred sexuality. She is the founder of Awakening Shakti, author of “Kama Sutra 52,” and a certified coach. Visit her at