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Touching the Body Open

womenrestingAs many of you who have been in the Woman’s Temple know, one of our core practices  involves respectful touch.

The feminine touch, because it has such an inviting quality to it, it is not penetrating, it is inviting, is melting numb and frozen places in our bodies,  so that we can experience more and more of life.

We can experience love; we can give and receive love through our bodies.
The more we open in our feminine awakening journey, the more we need to nourish the body, the nervous system. This way  we cultivate a greater capacity to allow bigger energies to flow through our bodies.

For example, in my own experience with opening and welcoming feelings, it’s not that there are less and less feelings.  I often feel such a pain, and grief and fear and anger flowing through my body.  But, through my practice I have cultivated a greater capacity to allow it to flow through.  It doesn’t get stuck and frozen so much anymore.
To live as part of this creative unfolding that we call life on planet earth, with planet earth, as planet earth, requires us to stay open to very strong feelings.

There is fear in the world; there is sorrow in the world.  Can we allow ourselves to feel?

In the feminine touch the body can slowly, slowly open and soften.  All the numb and cold places, the unmet corners of our body can be visited again with gentle awareness.  Even if you are not practicing together with other women, be aware of the power of touch.  There is an opening happening in your body that can only happen through gentle, inviting awareness.  The most beautiful way to stay present in the body, to bring awareness into the body is through the touch.  To be fully present in the body is to be fully awake.

You can put a gentle hand on your heart right now

breath in

breath out

In love