Meet the Awakening Women Team

We are a women-run organization. Together, we explore a business model based on ease, freedom and honoring of the cyclic nature of creativity. We aim to live true to our values of integrity, trust, generosity and honest, open communication. Our team members work remotely from many places in the world.
And yes, we have a zero-stress policy.

Chameli Ardagh

Founder of Awakening Women

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. Her love of decoding and experimenting with ancient wisdom teachings through her own practice in yogini circles all over the world has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment. 

Read more about Chameli here.

Suzan Lang

Awakening Women Mama + Office Manager


Suzan left her engineering career in 1995 to study herbs, flower essences, sound healing, Reiki and women’s circles. Through this journey, she stepped into her dream job with AWI in 2009, connecting with awakening women all over the world and returning to her loved skill sets of administration, organization and team building. She is a grateful daily practitioner of the AWI feminine embodiment practices. She lives in Northern California, and enjoys spending time with her beloved community of friends and family. what I love: My daughter, my family, human beings, animals, my freedom, circle of temple sisters, life, laughter, a warm cup of tea, nature, simplicity, healthy food. what I am committed to: Loving and feeding my local homeless folks. Using my white privilege to support racial equality. Living my life with loving kindness at its core. Offering my life in service to Her. what I do: Create a space for the team to flourish. Manage day-to-day activities of keeping a business running smoothly. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: That I get to fulfill my dharma in a flexible, easeful work environment with supportive, brilliant, heartful teammates while being of service. Jai Ma! what you can count on me for: To be honest, kind and personable. To see you as the miracle you are. To do my practice and take responsibility for my actions, words and deeds. my vision for the world: That every being is treated with kindness, love and respect, and that we all live in peace and balance with each other and the Earth.

Carri Blees

Sister Support + Project Assistant


Carri found Awakening Women Institute in 2011 and has been a passionate yogini devoted to feminine embodiment practices ever since.  It is her greatest honor as well as her joy to assist the AWI team with its online and in-person retreats and to provide sister support for the global yogini sisterhood. She lives in Northern California where she enjoys daily walks by the river near her home and also creating altars of beauty wherever she is. what I love: My sons, my sisters, my friends, my dog, our beautiful planet and all of her living beings. Humans with open hearts. Sacred ceremony and sisterhood circles. Devotion. what I am committed to: My spiritual practice as an alive and living way of being in the world.  Serving the work of AWI for the awakening and empowerment of women. Standing for love. Creating beauty to nourish the soul. what I do: Oversee the FB Yogini Sadhana page. Assist with various administrative tasks and provide sister support. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: Consciously serving the birth of this work and our embodiment practices into the world—for the awakening of all women. Working on the amazing AWI team with our incredible group of women who are each committed to their own practice as well as to the benefit of all sisters worldwide. what you can count on me for: To do my practice, to bring deeper insight and understanding to how I show up. To honor the sacred—in you and in everything. my vision for the world: That women have sovereignty and feel the loving support of sisterhood.  That all of humanity lives with a sacred and holy relationship to all of Creation.  That love is at the center of all choices. “May all beings be happy and free from suffering. And may the thoughts, words, and actions in my own life in some way contribute to that happiness and that freedom for all.”

Melina Seeto



Melina found the path of healing and spiritual awakening at 17. Her love for mystery, self-reflection, ritual, devotion and embodiment practices led her to find Awakening Women in 2013. She found home and belonging in the yogini circle and began apprenticing with Chameli and assisting in retreats around the world since 2014. She now teaches in the Women’s Wisdom School, facilities women’s circles and is currently studying Somatic Experiencing and offering trauma informed sessions. She is passionate about trauma education, transformational justice, earth honoring, creativity and feeding her ancestors of Papua New Guinea/China and Norway through song, prayer, art and cooking
what I love:
 prayer. deep reflection. journeys. tea. ceremony. dandelions. communing with nature. writing. poetry. sitting by a stream. the yogini circle. the magical mystery of this dream we call life. what I am committed to: embodying love, awakening for the benefit of all and the birthing of a new world. what I do: I assist with various projects, on the admin team for online sadhanas, manage AW social media, and when possible travel to apprentice and assist with Chameli at live events. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: The incredible woman I work with and meet,  the culture of AW, how I can be anywhere in the world and still contribute to serving this magnificent work. what you can count on me for: To serve you rooted in the values of the sisterhood manifesto. I will communicate with you from my heart, with care, consideration and deep respect. my vision for the world: To live in harmony with all of existence. To feed the planet as the holy. To stand for love, no matter what.

Karen McGinn

Women’s Wisdom School Manager +
Event Coordinator


In 2011, Karen stepped into the Yogini circle in Corfu and knew the feminine practices had something beautiful to offer her heart. Inspired to living a life more intimately connected to truth, she maintains a daily commitment to sadhana. She keeps her AWI sisters in flow with her welcoming presence and administrative support for a variety of projects that keep the women connected to their own practice. A yogini living in southern California, Karen also enjoys hands-on house projects, hiking and being car-free! what I love: Chanting mantras, creating art, eating avocados any time of the day and early morning meditation with the stars. what I am committed to: Doing my own practice, smiling and serving without attachment. what I do: Welcome sisters’ inquiries, coordinate events worldwide,  proofread and assist in delivering Yogini Wisdom into your mailbox. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: Our heartful sister team, supporting the women in our circle to live awake lives and working in alignment with my natural rhythms. what you can count on me for: To create clarity and ease by tracking on the details, to respond from a clear space and to pray for the well-being of all. my vision for the world: That we slow down, breathe and connect with that part of ourselves that is already whole, peaceful and wise. As this connection deepens, humanity naturally comes together to serve and uplift others, take care of our Earth home and live as joy itself!

Helen Kelly

Systems Coordinator +
Tech Support


Helen started working for AWI in 2008 as administrative support and systems coordinator. She also coordinates and supports our online sadhanas. what I love: I love to travel with my husband to different parts of the world, professionally to be able to solve the problems that arise. what I am committed to: make sure all of our sisters get the best experience with our programs. what I do: administer all of the websites and technical support for all of our systems. I am always in the look out for better systems to make the experience of being part of the AWI sisterhood be more rewarding. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: the sisterhood. what you can count on me for: to leave no stone unturned to find a solution to a problem regardless how long it takes so that our clients experience with AWI be the best possible. my vision for the world: That kindness always rules our thoughts and actions. That we are empathetic and compassionate. That we demand that of our leaders and they demand the same of us. To live and let live…a space for all. Respect for all life.

SimoneRita Egger

German Wisdom School Manager, Teacher + Translator


SimoneRita is a single mother of two teenagers and lives in Zurich. Her path has led her to various wisdom teachers, from toltec shamanism up to tantric Buddhism. Her feminine spiritual practice consists of meditation, dance, movement, chanting, being a business woman and a mother. For many years she has been holding women’s temple groups and workshops for women. As a Yogini she practices feminine embodied spirituality. She passionately engages in an intimate relationship with every experience and every moment, always in search of unconditional truth in this often times challenging life in a woman’s body. SimoneRita has been studying with Awakening Women since 2013.

what I love: my children, my sisters, the women’s circle, hugging trees, wind in my hair, watching the horizon, hummingbirds

what I am committed to: to serve the awakening of the divine feminine, to evolve together, to see and honor the beauty in every single being and to love untamed from the impeccability of my heart

what I do: I am teaching the Awakening Women Facilitator Training and the 9-Month Program. I take care of the Temple Mama community and work in various other projects.

the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: the way we all walk our talk in this glorious team, to create a culture that is aligned with what my heart knows is possible. There is a deep sense of gratitude, meaningfulness and peace.

what you can count on me for: my loyalty to the circle and that I deepen my practice every single day to keep my heart clear and to go out of my way.
my vision for the world: that we remember who we truly are, reconnect and live joyfully in peace on this beautiful planet.

Marion Lochbihler

Project Assistant German Team


On her path to herself, Marion heard Kali’s call to her first Awakening Women sadhana a few years ago. More sadhanas, women’s temples and retreats followed in Switzerland, Germany and Corfu. Since 2020 she has been supporting SimoneRita in the 9-month program and since 2021 also with Awakening Women. As a traveler, she enjoys discovering new worlds, both inside and outside, and she especially enjoys connecting and sharing them with others. As a human resources professional, she is always finding new ways to support and help shape our shared work and togetherness. What I love: doing nothing, the forest and all the animals, plants & beings that live in it, laughing & crying, the colorful and loving circle of sisters, talking & listening, the view of the lake, forest & mountains, dancing & singing, the joyful walking & being on our wonderful earth and the people who accompany and inspire me on my way. What I am committed to: To consciously and autonomously deal with what is right now in my life and fill it with joy and not let it stop me despite various distractions. My work here at AWI: I support SimoneRita and the German Awakening Women Team administratively and organizationally in the German Wisdom School, in sadhanas and events. The best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: to be involved in a versatile way in this circle of luminous and passionate women, to co-create this sacred feminine space and to experience spirituality in everyday life & everyday life in spirituality. What you can count on me for: Walking my very own path of the heart as a woman and encouraging you to do the same. My vision for the world: We accept ourselves and others as we are, and honor our uniqueness as well as our connectedness and share this with all beings, plants and the world.


Jasmin Schoch

German Tech Support


Jasmin lives in Bremen and discovered Chameli in 2010 out of a longing for connection to female strength, integrity and spirituality. Through Chameli’s storytelling about the myths of the goddesses, she reawakened her love and fascination for stories and how they simultaneously weave a fine thread into and transform our normal unique lives. With the circle of wonderful women as well as the diverse exercises, she began an ongoing journey into all aspects of the feminine and thus into a wholeness that fills her with deep joy, aliveness and gratitude. What I love: listening to and reading stories, journaling, rituals and prayers, dancing freely, painting, being in nature, listening and feeling, sweet bites (especially cream puffs), sharing, playfully discovering creative and practical solutions. What I advocate for: kindness, dignity, and diversity. My work here at AWI: I oversee the technical side of the German Wisdom School. The best part of working at Awakening Women for me is: the openness and inspiration with which we work and give; exploring and awakening together to a new women’s culture and togetherness; knowing that my work serves a greater vision. What you can count on me for: I am here listening, my humor and commitment to practice. My vision for the world: A world where we all feel safe and free to be ourselves, where each individual has their place in the greater whole, and we honor the sacredness of all life and love again.


Melanie Matchinsky

German FB Coordinator, Sister Support + Project Assistant


Melanie lives in Munich and is part of the German Awakening Women Team. She pours all her love and devotion into the German Facebook Page and into the German online sadhanas. Kissed by the grace of life, she met Chameli and the Yogini Circle in 2013 and her life has never been the same and turned upside down in a wonderful way. She views the feminine embodiment work as the roots of her blossoming, and the circle of sisters as her home, the ground she walks on. She spends as much time as possible in the Yogini circle. Melanie is a naturopath, lover of mother nature, and loves traveling and adventures. She lives with deep devotion her life in this woman’s body; her gratitude is beyond words. what I love: I love to discover that I am love and the 10,000 ways it unfolds. Save & Exit what i am committed to: I am deeply committed to love. No matter what. what I do: I take care of the German Awakening Woman Facebook Page and the FB Groups of the German Online Sadhanas. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: The way we work. We walk our talk. Working for Awakening Women teaches me a totally different way of working and living. It heals my split between the ordinary and the spiritual live. There is so much appreciation and room for being who you are. And we are serving the goddess! What could be better than that! what you can count on me for: You can count on me for going deep. I will meet you right where you are because i am deeply interested in seeing your beautiful heart. my vision for the world: That we all rise together in love.

Annett Zupke

German Head Translator


Annett is from Berlin. She translates the texts for the 21 day Sadhana immersions so the hearts of the German-speaking women will also be touched by the poetry of the original texts. She also translates in the sadhana teleretreats as Chameli“s “German voice.” Annett came to the Yogini circle in 2012 when she was just on the threshold of a new challenge in life. At that time, she was longing for female examples that can hold space for feelings in any intensity and know how to embody them. Her heart was beating for healing, reconciliation and a remembering of compassion and interdependent connection. She loves to be in the Yogini Circle, where as sisters, we meet each other with kindness and gift all our laughter and all our tears. what I love: watching sea turtles, devotional chanting, laughter what I am committed to: to see and feel beauty in everything, to hold spaces for healing and forgiveness what I do: I do the written translations into German and lend my voice to Chameli in the Online retreats so that she can speak fluent German 🙂 the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: to be in a team of women committed to creating from a space of deep relaxation, and being there for each other when needed what you can count on me for: I will listen to the subtle currents of life expressing itself in you and in me, and capture them with words.

Bibbie Friman

Awakening Women Photographer


Bibbie Friman is an internationally acclaimed shamanic priestess of photography, who artistically crafts the magic behind most of our photos in Awakening Women. Fluent in the language of light, she cuts through illusions with her camera, communicating through her photos the miraculous, undeniable beauty of the feminine essence. She lives in the southern archipelagos outside Gothenburg, Sweden, and travels around the globe offering her gift of Awakening Photography to the world. what I love: my two cats and my home on an island in Sweden, nature walks and silence. what I am committed to: living from my heart and being a part of the change for to live in awareness and Peace on Earth. what I do (in AWI):  I capture moments of ancient wisdom of the sacred feminine through my images. the best part about working at Awakening Women for me is: the sisterhood and being a part of awakening the feminine. what you can count on me for: never compromising the purity of my message in my images. Restoring balance into a world that has lost its eye for beauty and forgotten how to praise life. my vision for the world: that we all live in loving kindness.