Drinking in Warmth + Releasing the Day

by Melina Seeto

I’ve been reflecting upon how powerful it is to witness our global family showing up for each other during this time of great challenge. There are so many amazing resources and zoom calls happening with tips on how to stay resourced and regulated. But lately, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed by it all. I’ve found myself needing to return to simplicity and create a pause amidst the noise. Rather than another to-do to help myself during this time, I keep coming back to practices that I’ve always done, even before crises.

Here is one of those little practices that is woven into my everyday life, no matter what is happening…

At the end of each day or lately, multiple times a day, I am often needing some sense of warmth, comfort and release. To take care of all three needs, I boil the kettle, make myself a warm drink and find a cozy place to rest (sometimes even for just a few minutes). Before I carry on with my day, I smudge myself with cleansing herbs and release anything that is unwanted.

This practice supports me to slow down and return to presence and simplicity. This is my invitation to you.


  • Give yourself anywhere from a few minutes up to as long as possible anytime during the day. Pause what you are doing and make yourself a warm drink.

  • Come into presence when making your drink. When I boil the kettle I use the time it takes to boil to return to presence. Sometimes I say a mantra, sing a song, visualize a still lake or take slow deep breaths.

  • Prepare your drink slowly and mindfully. Rather than another to-do, how can this be a nourishing act of kindness for yourself?

  • Find a quiet area (even if you have to sit in the closet!) With every sip of the drink, feel the sensations in your body. Let your shoulders and belly soften. Feel the warmth fill you from the inside out.

  • When you’ve finished your drink, take some final moments to smudge yourself before starting another task. I use sage because it grows locally here in California, but you can also use a favorite incense or locally grown herb. Cedar, Juniper and mugwort are beautiful if they grown where you are, or you can simply stroke your hands down your body a few times.

May this practice support you to return to the basics, again and again.

Next time I make my tea, I’ll be thinking of you and sending my love…

Melina is a member of the Awakening Women Team. She is devoted to the path of a Yogini, apprenticing Chameli and learning how to honor this precious Life as holy, in service to embodied awakening and the Living Goddess.AwakeningWomen.com

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