Welcoming Home the Unwanted Parts ~ Introduction
(11 min)

A short talk on how you can welcome home your unwanted parts into the heart of the Divine Mother, healing the pain of separation. Chameli will also demonstrate the principles of the following practices.

Practice 1: Inner Dialogue with the unwanted parts
(20 min)

In this practice, you will turn towards different parts of yourself, to fully see and understand them, and to welcome them home to rest in the heart of the Mother.

Music credit: Sonic Yogi

Practice 2: Sheltered by love ~ A Movement practice
(15 min)

Resting in a shelter of love, you can welcome all that needs to be seen and expressed. Let movement, sounds, emotions arise; give yourself over to how energy wants to move.

Music credit:
Doors of Eternity by Ape Chimpa
Reiki Healing Waves by Parijat