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what’s weighing you down?

Today I have joined this wonderful initiative/challenge from Bindu Whiles: The Shed Project.

It is about loosing… whatever is weighing you down (Bindu is letting go of 10 pounds+ everything but 100 of her possessions …)

I am dragging my gypsy bags around Europe at the moment, but being part of this project, what will I let go of, now and when I come home?

~ I will let go of clothes I don’t use (except the bright red gala dress I got from my aunt who meant everything to me, which I know I cannot let go of. Yet)

~ I will with a bow, let go of  invitations to teach or participate in events just because “it-probably-is-smart -to-build-our-list”

~ I will let go of stuff stuff stuff that “might-be-useful-one-day”. I will pretend that I am about to move, and only keep what I would have packed and taken with me in the U-Haul truck.

~ I will let go of lot’s and lot’s of teaching opportunities for next year to have less time spent on the road, and more space with family, writing + for developing and practicing in our new Virtual Women’s Ashram

~ I will keep letting go of toxins in the body, through drinking my daily Green Smoothie.

Tell me sister, what will you let go of?